Can Dogs Eat WATERMELON? – We Explain All!

Can dogs eat watermelon? πŸ‰πŸΆπŸ‘‡ Many people wonder if watermelon is good for dogs or if it is one of the human foods which are toxic to dogs. We are happy to say that watermelon is indeed a suitable food for dogs. However, there are some instances where it is advisable not to give it to them. This is the case when the dog has certain health issues such as diabetes, renal failure or hypotension. You may still be able to give your dog watermelon in these cases, but it is best to discuss it with your veterinarian first. In healthy dogs, this fruit can be given without the rind or seeds. If you want to know more once you have watched the video, you can head over to our site for more background info on recommended fruit and vegetables for dogs πŸ‘‰

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Watermelon is a fruit we often consume During the summer as both a delicious And refreshing treat for the same reason Many people want to share this cooling Feeling with their furry pals and wonder If dogs can eat watermelon in this Animal wise video we explained whether This is a recommended fruit for dogs and Gives some guidelines and offering them Fruit in general not only can dogs eat Watermelon but it is one of the best for It too dog can eat due to its high water Content this helps them stay hydrated in The summer but this is not the only Benefit watermelon is rich in vitamins And minerals such as vitamin C potassium Phosphorus magnesium and calcium it’s Also a diuretic digestive and Antioxidant finally it should be noted That it helps muscle recovery after Performing intense activity offering a Piece of watermelon to your dog after Exercise is an excellent idea it’s best To offer watermelon without rind or Seeds since these are more difficult to Digest if your dog does eat some rind Nothing will happen if it is only a Small amount the rind actually contains Large amounts of fiber minerals vitamins And natural sugars the problem is that Dogs or animals which do not need to Ingest fiber sugar or certain minerals In any large amount this is why only the Flesh is recommended eating once clean

It’s advisable to chop the watermelon Into pieces you can also use watermelon To prepare homemade treats such as Homemade watermelon ice cream If the dog suffers from diabetes kidney Failure or hypotension We recommend consulting a veterinarian Before giving this fruit watermelon is a Fruit with one of the highest amounts of Sugar for this reason dogs should not be Given it every day Ideally offers small portions as a Reward or natural treat every once in a While to know if they can tolerate Watermelons The very first time we offer it to our Dogs we should give a small piece and See how they react after some time yes Puppies can also enjoy this fruit as per The instructions given as their Digestive system is still developing new Foods must be introduced very gradually Now you know dogs can eat watermelon and How to offer it correctly you can start To see if your dog will enjoy this treat Tell us in the comments how you get on And what other fruits your dog enjoys Like and subscribe if you find the video Useful and we’ll see you next time You

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