Can Dogs See Color? – How a Dog’s VISION Works

If you want to know a little more about a dog’s vision, you may be asking yourself can dogs see in color πŸ‘€ Part of the reason for this is because there is a popular myth that dogs can only see in black and white, but this is not the case. A dog’s vision is not the same as a human’s ability to see, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it is worse. AnimalWised explains more in this video on whether dogs can see in color, but if you want to see information for some of the studies on a dog’s vision, you can check out the following article πŸ‘‰

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Until relatively recently it was thought That dogs could only see in black and White today we know the dogs not only See in color but they can differentiate Between many of them without problem to Elaborate further animal wise review Some of the most recent scientific Studies which explain a dog’s vision and How they see color Although a dog’s primary senses our Smell and hearing vision also plays an Important role in canine communication It also helps in satisfying the most Basic needs however their vision is not The same as that of a human being there Are three types of food a receptor cone Cells in the human eye giving us Tri-chromatic vision we have a Sensitivity to the colors red green and Blue dogs only have two types of Chromosome meaning they have dichromatic Vision they are sensitive to blue and Yellow colors only this does not mean Their vision is deficient there are Excellent night hunters and have a Superior visual acuity particularly in The perception of movement according to Several studies the dog is able to Distinguish several shades of blue Yellow and gray on the other hand they Are not able to distinguish green red Pink or purple is interesting to note That many pet products have red color Designs even though dogs can perceive it

This is because the colors are chosen to Appeal to human consumers for the above Reasons dogs are able to discriminate Between yellow and blue colors but reds Greens and oranges acquire a grey or Brown hue this prevents them from Differentiating from different types of Grass for example for this reason if Choosing toys or tools for educational Training it’s advisable to use yellow or Blue since they will be the most Striking to the dog finally as a curious Fact we want to add that some dogs may Experience nearsightedness or Farsightedness just like humans the Labrador Retriever for example is a Breed known to have the best vision While German Shepherds and Rottweilers Tend to suffer from myopia now you have Some important facts about canine vision As well as the best colors to choose for Canine accessories you can take a look At the links in the description to see Some of the studies which show the Limits of their vision don’t forget to Like and subscribe if you enjoyed this Video and keep up to date with Everything we share also leave a comment With any questions or experiences you’d Like to share see you next time [Music]

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