Can I Give LEMON to My DOG? 🐶🍋 Find out!

🐕 Have you ever seen the reaction of dogs when eating a lemon? Its taste is usually unpleasant, but this is not the only reason why we do not recommend offering lemon to your dog. In this AnimalWised video, we clarify whether you can give your dog lemon and why. Pay attention and take note!


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You may have seen videos showing how Unpleasant lemon can seem to dogs does This mean lemon is bad for them find out In this animal-wise video [Music] Is lemon good for dogs Lemon is a citrus fruit which can be Found in many foods and drinks consumed By humans however lemon is not a Suitable food for our dogs although dogs Generally find the smell of citrus Unpleasant how unsuitable they will be When ingested depends on certain factors These include the part they eat and how It’s consumed lemon is a great source of Vitamin c and other organic acids with Antioxidant properties it is also high In soluble fiber and has certain Beneficial phytonutrients such as Liminoids however there are several Reasons why you should not include this Citrus fruit in your dog’s diet these Also apply to limes before we explain Why check out our first info video on The fruits which are good for dogs Why is lemon not good for dogs the first Reason we should not offer lemon to dogs Is because it tastes unpleasant This means they will not likely eat it If you offer it to them the pulp and Juice of lemons has an acidic taste but The skin is particularly bitter even Giving the dog lemon juice diluted in Water will likely be distasteful

Although it won’t cause serious health Effects they will likely stay away from It on the other hand lemon peel contains Essential oils and sorulins which are Toxic to dogs its consumption can Produce digestive issues such as Vomiting and diarrhea dermatological Reactions and generalized symptoms such As depression and anorexia Discover other harmful foods for dogs in The next info video above The substances in lemon that are toxic To dogs are found in the skin in Principle the rest of the fruit is Considered edible and is not generally Considered toxic to dogs however the Benefits that lemon may provide in the Diet of dogs are not significant for These reasons it’s best to keep this Citrus fruit away from dogs in this way We will avoid unpleasant experiences and Unwanted effects on their health What to do if my dog eats a lemon First of all you need to consider how Much of the lemon your dog has ingested If they’ve only licked the pulp of the Lemon or ingested a small amount of Juice usually the dog will not suffer Any unwanted effects on the contrary if Your dog has ingested part of the skin Of a lemon you should watch out for the Appearance of adverse effects if the Signs that we’ve mentioned before appear It’s best to go to the vet if you want

To continue learning about canine diet And feeding don’t miss the playlist we Share here how has your dog reacted to Lemon in the past let us know by leaving A comment and we’ll see you next time [Music]

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