Can My CAT EAT EGGS? 🐱πŸ₯š What About RAW EGGS?

🐈 Many guardians wonder if cats can eat eggs or if the consumption of this food is dangerous for feline health. For this reason, AnimalWised asks can cats eat eggs? Moreover, we find out if raw eggs make a difference.We also show you the precautions we must take if we decide to incorporate the egg in the diet of our kittens.


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If you’re wondering whether cats can eat Eggs or perhaps whether they should eat Eggs you’ll need to know what benefits They might provide felines if any at all Animalwise reveals this and what Precautions you may need to take if Giving egg to cats [Music] Is it good to give eggs to cats Egg is a good source of lean animal Protein since it contains almost zero Carbohydrates and sugars with only a Moderate amount of fat Almost all of the protein content of Eggs is found in the albumin also known As the egg white Lipid molecules are concentrated in the Yolk It is these two macronutrients which Should form the basis of your cat’s Nutrition since they are strictly Carnivorous animals check out the first Info video above to find out more about The nutritional needs of cats it’s also Important to know that egg proteins are Made up mostly of essential amino acids The cat does not naturally synthesize These amino acids in their body so they Will need to obtain them from external Sources through diet This means moderate consumption of egg Is safe for your cat We must highlight that the egg also Provides some contributions of essential

Minerals such as calcium phosphorus iron And potassium as well as vitamins a d e And b complex Can we give cats raw egg Many cat experts claim a raw food diet For cats sometimes known as a barf diet Is better suited to preserving the Enzymes and other nutrients cats need However with egg we need to be very sure About its origin Before we find out more check out the Next info video to see the benefits of Homemade food for cats Raw eggs can contain salmonella a very Dangerous bacteria which threatens Feline health if we obtain organic eggs From birds fed with a controlled organic Diet we considerably reduce the risk of Them being contaminated however we Should still wash the eggs well with Running water before breaking the shell Can cats eat cooked eggs yes they can in Fact if we do not have the possibility Of obtaining organic eggs or we are Unsure about the origin of the eggs we Are using it’s best to offer them cooked Cooking at high temperatures is capable Of eliminating most of the potentially Pathogenic agents present in this food This way you can ensure the consumption Of the egg is safe for your feline Companion How to offer eggs to a cat In general it’s recommended to offer

Eggs to cats only once or twice a week In combination with other foods however There is no single or predetermined dose For all cats a safe amount of egg is one Appropriate according to the size weight Age and health status of each cat we Must also highlight that egg even though It offers lean and beneficial proteins Should not replace meat in the diet of Felines for all these reasons it’s Essential you consult a veterinarian to Choose the most appropriate diet According to the nutritional Requirements of your cat If you want to continue learning about Feline nutrition don’t miss the playlist We share here what do you think about Homemade food for cats do you think it’s Worth the effort let us know your Thoughts and we’ll see you next time

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