Can Two CATS SHARE the SAME LITTER? ๐Ÿฑ๐Ÿฑ Litter Box Guide

๐Ÿˆ Can two cats share the same litter box? How many litter boxes should there be based on the number of cats in a home? In this AnimalWised video, we reveal the expert answer to a common question among cat guardians. Find out if two cats can use the same litter box or if it is better for each cat to have their own litter to themselves.


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[Music] While it is part of their basic care Many guardians are still unsure about How many litter boxes they should have In the home Animal wise provides some background by Asking can two cats share the same Litter [Music] How many litter boxes per cat According to feline behavior experts It’s advised to have the number of Litter boxes in a home to be equal to The number of cats plus one For example if we have two cats we Should ideally have three litter boxes An adequate number of litter boxes is Essential to prevent behavioral problems Such as urinating or defecating outside The litter box It also helps avoid physical issues such As feline idiopathic cystitis this Doesn’t mean it is an exact science many Households with several cats use a Smaller number of litter boxes and don’t Have any problem in these cases cleaning The box is essential and the guardians Of numerous cats should clean it often Every day Remember the litter box accumulates a Large amount of waste if it’s not Cleaned they may no longer use it If you live with multiple cats and You’ve noticed one of them urinates or

Defecates outside of a singular shared Litter box you likely just found your Problem Cats are territorial animals and many of Them hate to share a litter box to avoid Problems cats should ideally have a Litter box each plus an extra one to be Used as a buffer or when one is full The extra box can be placed in areas Where they usually relieve themselves For comfort and security purposes Even for those families in which both Cats share a litter box without a Problem it is advisable to offer an Extra one just in case If you’ve observed one of your cats Sleeping in their litter box it may be For one of the reasons we explain in the First info video above Types of cat litter boxes The type of litter box is also very Important as it can also lead to Problems if you live with several cats You should make sure to offer boxes of Different types to see which one is Preferred by each of them all litter Boxes should be about twice the size of The cat so they can move freely within And not feel trapped we will also need To place them somewhere secure and Comfortable for the cat This means choosing somewhere that is Easily accessible quiet and set apart From where they eat sleep and rest

Automatic cat litter box If you’re thinking of choosing a litter Box for your cat an automatic litter box Is one of the most innovative and useful Options especially for cat guardians who Do not have much time for cleaning the Main advantage is that they allow you to Program up to four cleanings per day or Even clean every time the cat uses them We can find various models available all Of them with the same concept and Objective to collect the animal’s waste Clean and dry the litter and have it Ready for its next use They can be expensive for some Households meaning they are not ideal For people who live with several cats if This is your case it’s best to have Regular litter trays for each cat with The automatic litter box being used as The additional one to share If you want to continue learning about Caring for cats don’t miss the playlist We share here Let us know if you have any issues about Your cat’s litter box by discussing in The comments we’ll see you next time [Music]

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