Can you have TWO HAMSTERS in the same CAGE? 🐹🐹

🐹 Wondering if you can have two hamsters in the same cage? In this AnimalWised video we explain if hamsters are solitary or social animals and if, therefore, they can live together or not. Find out if hamsters should live alone or in a group!


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To best ensure the well-being of our Hamster we need to plan certain aspects Of their care before taking them home Their accommodation is one of the most Vital factors this is why animal wise Explains whether it’s okay to keep two Hamsters in the same cage [Music] Is the hamster a solitary or social Animal if we’re thinking of adopting a Hamster the first thing we need to know Is that they are solitary and Territorial animals unlike dogs for Example they are not used to living in Packs and will defend their territory if They feel threatened for this reason two Hamsters should not live together We need to provide each hamster with Their own cage although a solitary Animal socialization is very important If we want the hamster to get used to Our presence and interaction if we live With other animals such as cats or dogs We need to prevent them access to the Hamster’s cage the cage itself should be As large as possible as we need to Encourage exercise even if there’s only One hamster we must take into account Obesity a common problem which affects Hamsters this problem is exacerbated by Inadequate diet and lack of physical Activity Can two hamsters get along together As we have explained you shouldn’t have

Two hamsters together because they are Solitary and territorial animals if we Force answers to share the same cage it Will lead to behavioral problems and Create a state of permanent stress Generally you can’t have two male Hamsters or two female hamsters together It’s true that some people keep several Hamsters together in an apparent balance However even small changes such as a new Odor or an issue with food can cause a Fight with fatal consequences therefore The best recommendation is that these Animals live alone in an accommodation That allows them to develop all their Natural behaviors and only have us as Company How to make two hamsters get along now That you know you cannot have two Hamsters together the best way to Prevent fights is separation For example if you have a pregnant or Just calving female prepare several safe Spaces to separate the young before they Reach sexual maturity and start fighting Each other also bear in mind that fights Are not the only problem of coexistence Between hamsters females can eat their Own young during lactation this fact is Related to protein deficiencies in their Diet so it’s important to improve this Contribution to prevent cannibalism this Can also happen if the female is still Too young or in a stressful situation so

She must always be kept in a cam Environment if you want to continue Learning about the care of hamsters Check out the playlist we share here do You have any experience with hamsters Living together if so share in the Comments and we’ll see you next time [Music]

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