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🐈 Do you want to know more about the cat human relationship? In this AnimalWised video on cats and their relationship with people, we explain the three types of relationships that exist between cats and their human guardians. Find out what kind of bond you have with your cat and how to improve it.


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The relationship between cats and humans Has been developing for millennia but it Is only recently that we have even Started to scratch the surface of our Understanding today animal wise looks at This relationship in more detail by Analyzing the bond between humans and Cats [Music] The bond between people and cats the Most current feline research reveals That cats are far from being detached or Unfriendly animals as anyone who’s lived With one or more cats can confirm they Can establish very diverse bonds with Humans a study published in 2021 by Scientists from the university of Lincoln in the uk defined three main Types of relationships that can be Established between cats and people Among other factors these are based on The behavior shown by cats and the Emotional involvement of their human Guardians Open relationship according to this Research approximately a quarter of the People who live with one or more cats Have an open relationship with them this Means they care about their well-being But offer a lot of freedom to the animal Most often allowing them access to Outside their homes cats with this type Of human cat relationship are usually Quite curious sociable with strangers

And affectionate with members of their Family although they are not overly Attached to them Low emotional involvement Another quarter of human guardians seem To have a low emotional involvement in Terms of cat care these guardians spend Little time playing or interacting with Their animals although the cats are Usually friendly with them they are Independent and don’t actively seek Proximity or physical contact with Humans if this describes your type of Relationship our video in the card above Explains how to improve your bond with a Cat Codependency Finally almost half of the cat guardians Who participated in this study Demonstrated a codependent relationship With their felines becoming very Emotionally involved and spending most Of the day with them these cats display Many affiliative behaviors towards their Guardians are more suspicious of Strangers and are more likely to Experience stress or anxiety related to Separation and loneliness Find out if your cat has hyper Attachment and how to help them gain Autonomy and self-confidence in the next Info video If you enjoy animal-wise remember that a Super thanks can help us continue

Creating content like this How to create a bond with a cat as You’ve seen the relationship that is Created between a cat and its guardian Depends on several factors the level of Involvement from the human stands out Specifically their way of behaving with The animal and the time they invest in Their education and care the character Of the cat their genetic heritage and Their previous experiences are also Significant If you want to create a good bond with Your cat the first thing you should do Is find out their physical and Psychological needs in terms of care and What their past has been like To answer these and many other questions Will lay the foundation for a good Relationship once this is done it’s time To start building a positive bond with Your feline if the caregiver is involved In the well-being of the cat understands And respects their language covers all Their physical emotional and social Needs provides security and spends Quality time with them the cat will most Likely develop a secure attachment to The guardian enjoy their company and Lean on them when they feel insecure If the caregiver punishes or intimidates The cat isolates them over protects them Or does not respect their communication The animal will most likely generate an

Insecure type of attachment becoming Anxious in social situations and Suffering from health and behavioral Problems if you want to continue Learning about caring for cats don’t Miss the playlist we share here what Type of bond do you have with your cat Let us know by sharing in the comments And we’ll see you next time You

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