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🐱💤 Do you want to know more about CATS SLEEPING? Maybe you want to know if it is safe to sleep next to your cat? It could be your cat has trouble sleeping and you want to know why? In this AnimalWised compilation video, we reveal answers to these questions and much more. Keep watching!


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Life in big cities means cats need to Share virtually all spaces within the Home often including our beds this leads Many people to wonder if sleeping next To a cat is actually bad we also may Question if children or vulnerable People should be allowed to sleep next To cats Are you curious to know more keep Watching as we explain [Music] Those who enjoy sharing their bed with Cats are aware it is a routine which can Positively affect the well-being of both Us and our cats a feline per helps us to Reach a state of relaxation and Tranquility allowing us to fall asleep More easily this can lead to greater Emotional stability for both of us even The cat’s body temperature which is Higher than a human’s can help us feel More cozy in winter Likewise the majority of cats which Sleep with their owners display more Affectionate behaviour improving the Bond we share together waking up with Our cats can also be very positive Helping us to start the day in a good Mood in addition we should know that Sleeping cats are usually very Beneficial to children as the cat can Act as the totem of security Satisfaction and relaxation Sleeping next to a cat does have some

Disadvantages Some cat guardians want to sleep next to A cat when they are kittens but want Their own space when the cat becomes Adult if we stop letting them sleep in Our bed it can cause high stress for the Cat as they do not understand why they Are being rejected and expelled from one Of their sleeping areas Another important aspect is the quality Of sleep in fact several studies have Shown that some owners experience Trouble sleeping when next to a cat this Is usually due to higher body Temperature in summer scratches or Movement from the cat or even dead hair Over the sheets in addition to the Aforementioned disadvantages we need to Take into account possible diseases Transmitted by cats specifically Zoonotic diseases which can affect Humans Although cats with access to the outside Are most likely to develop disease even Indoor cats have the potential to Contract them the most common feline Diseases include Fungal infections campylobacteriosis Infections Lyme’s disease Ringworm scabies In addition they can also transmit External and internal parasites such as Ticks and tapeworms and encourage the

Onset of allergies or asthma Is it possible to sleep next to cats Safely we can prevent them from going Outside because this reduces fights with Other cats the spread of disease and Infestation of internal and external Parasites if your cat has been allowed Out regularly you will need to prevent Access progressively we also advise you Brush your cat regularly in addition to Elimination of dead hair it will help to Detect diseases parasites and skin Problems more quickly another important Prevention method is regular veterinary Checkups every 6 to 12 months or so A specialist can do a careful analysis As well as provide a schedule for Vaccinations and periodic deworming Remember that even indoor cats can Spread parasites If you have any doubts about your cat’s Health whether or not they sleep in the Same bed don’t hesitate to take them to The veterinarian If you share a bed with your cat please Share your experiences in the comments Below give us a like if you found this Video helpful and subscribe for more to Come we’ll see you next time [Music] Cats love heights they love them so much There’s even a name for it known as high Rise syndrome this refers to cats which Like to climb up to high places and

Unfortunately have a tendency to fall Possibly resulting in serious injury But not all height related activity is Dangerous behavior for cats there are Many benefits for a cat sleeping in Elevated places if you’ve ever wondered Why your cat loves sleeping in high Places animal-wise provides the possible Explanations [Applause] [Music] If we analyze feline behavior we can Quickly observe they dedicate more time To resting in high places than other Areas of the home It’s why you will see them climb trees When outside or even take up space on The back of the couch What are the benefits of this behavior Is it just because they enjoy it here Are the five reasons cats like to sleep In high places Domestic cats are especially curious Animals so much so that they won’t Hesitate to sniff at anything you bring In the house or follow shadows along the Wall At the same time stimulation in the home Can be limited in these animals They look for things to investigate and Climbing up high is an excellent way to See what happens around them Precisely for this reason it is Necessary to offer comfortable and safe

Structures where they can rest and Observe their environment We can encourage this by placing a Scratching post near the window so they Can observe the outside world without Going out there There are many factors which can make Your cat feel threatened as they are Such sensitive animals they may consider Certain changes as a threat an example Could be the introduction of a dog into The family home This can generate behaviours related to Fear and aggression cats may climb high To feel more secure in such situations In these circumstances or even in a General sense the cat may look for high Places to seek refuge and recover their Well-being when feeling threatened Insecure or frightened Cats spend the majority of their day at Rest as it’s their favorite activity in Fact cats will find various favorite Areas inside the home to rest However this doesn’t mean they will Always sleep soundly in some cases they May be simply laying down without Actually sleeping Higher places tend to be some of their Favorite rest areas because they offer Isolation away from the busy activities Within the home and offer better chance Of sleep If you have a cat you will know these

Animals don’t like to be cold cats only Tend to be on the ground when it’s warm Such as in the summer or on an indoor Carpet in the coldest times of the year Felines look for warm places to snuggle And the farther from the cold ground the Better It’s even possible we can see them Hiding inside a cupboard or in the Inside of a scratching post Additionally as most central heating is Lower down and heat rises the cat will Often prefer staying in higher places Where they can find more comfort Although domestic cats may seem very Calm animals the truth is that they are Very sensitive to change it’s easy for The cat to experience anxiety and stress For various reasons and to seek refuge In certain spaces Once again heights provide the cat with The necessary isolation to obtain cam Tranquility and peaceful rest They are also excellent refuges for cats Afraid of storms fireworks or even the Hair dryer Now you know five reasons which explain Why your cat likes to sleep up high Maybe you have some of your own thoughts You’d like to share such as their Favorite places to get cozy If you enjoyed the video give us a like And don’t forget to subscribe for more We’ll see you next time

[Music] Although we may provide them with the Comfiest cat bed available some cats Will insist on using people as their Pillow there are many reasons for this Behavior which we explain in this new Animal-wised video Why is your cat always on top of you one Of the most common reasons a cat sleeps On top of you is because they want to Feel safe especially when sleeping in The wild sleep increases their chances Of being attacked by a predator sleeping On top of a trusted human gives them Security as well as warmth and comfort To sleep peacefully another major reason Is because the cat misses you and wants To spend time with you Especially if you spend a lot of time Away from home during the day a cat can Miss your affection and attention This is why they take advantage of your Presence when you are around If you want to know more about whether Cats miss their owners we share a video All about feline human bonding here and In the description Why does your cat sleep on your head Although cats will choose to snuggle in Any part of your body they often choose To sleep on our heads there are three Main reasons for this behavior the first Is that many people are restless and Move their entire bodies when sleeping

Disturbing any nearby sleeping cats it Is for this reason they decide to sleep In your head thinking it the quietest Place and avoiding being crushed the Second reason is due to your smell as we Already know cats are territorial they Feel safer when they can smell something Pleasant and familiar i.e your head Before continuing don’t forget to Subscribe to our channel to know Everything about cat behavior receive Veterinary advice and much more And finally the third reason is due to Body heat cats are sensitive to the cold And have a different body temperature to Us Your head is often the warmest place for Them to sleep Many people think that sleeping next to A cat is bad especially outdoor cats who May be more likely to spread dirt and Disease this is not entirely true if Your cat leaves the house we need to be Careful with vaccination and deworming Schedules if you see any changes in Their physicality or behaviour we need To take them to the veterinary if you Fulfill your responsibility to maintain Health and hygiene in the vast majority Of cases your cat can sleep on you Without any problem do you have any Funny tales about cats sleeping near you If so please share them in the comments And give us a like if you found the

Video useful you may also be interested In this video explaining why cats like To sleep in a higher place we’ll see you Next time [Music] Most cats sleep during the day for one Main reason they are crepuscular animals Most active during the twilight hours However this is not the only reason why Cats are less active during the daytime Different environmental and health Factors come into play If you’ve just adopted a cat that Doesn’t let you sleep or suddenly seems Very restless at the end of the day Don’t worry in this animal-wise video We’ll talk about the causes which Explain this behavior and offer some Tips to help you resolve them The cat is a crepuscular animal meaning It is most active at dawn and dusk they Prefer hours with less light to go Hunting feed and perform other Activities Although some domestic cats have managed To adapt their sleeping hours to those Of their human companions many still Retain their natural behavior and are More active at this time of day This as well as a series of factors we Will detail further on can make your cat Not sleep during the day It’s no secret that cats are much more Precious animals than dogs

Not having a comfortable and safe bed Can be the reason your cat doesn’t sleep At night To choose the right product it’s Essential to observe the animal and pay Attention to its preferences In general cats prefer beds which Provide warmth and security and which Are just the right size for them as beds Which are too large aren’t always so Cozy If you notice your cat has a Predilection for your bed or sofa and Never lies down on their own It’s possibly because they don’t like it And you should change it Many cats prefer sleeping up high If they are prohibited from access to High places in the home at night they May only sleep while you’re away If you suspect this is a reason why your Cat doesn’t sleep at night place shelves At a suitable height to which they have Access or even find some special cat Trees with several levels and observe Their behavior Cats which don’t usually do any type of Exercise have a greater predisposition To being active during the night due to Accumulated energy Their lack of play also produces a Heightened state of boredom This may result in the cat becoming Destructive towards furniture or other

Objects in the home and it’s possible This is why your cat doesn’t sleep at Night and meows to try and get your Attention In relation to the previous point cats Which spend many hours alone during the Day and don’t have the right Environmental enrichment often take Advantage of sleep This means by night time they are Totally rested and ready to enjoy your Company If they try to play with you but don’t Succeed they may run around be Destructive or meow loudly If your cat doesn’t sleep at night and Goes to your bedroom to meow at you for Attention they may be asking for food If you wake up to provide what they’re Asking for the animal learns that this Is a way to get what they want They don’t consider the fact it bothers You or your sleep they’re simply more Concerned about their desire to have Something to eat Without realizing it you may be Reinforcing behavior which is bad both For the cat and for yourself A cat’s heat period is more intense than That of dogs leading them to despair if They don’t mate During this period both females and Males are more active at night producing Loud moans and meows which disturb our

Sleep The suffering is such that their Instinct can lead them to trying to flee From home to find a suitable partner If your cat doesn’t stop meowing at Night disrupts your sleep is restless And is over six months of age it’s Likely to be due to their heat cycle For this reason and many more Sterilizing the animal is recommended by Veterinarians to be best for their Health If you’ve already ruled out the previous Cases but continue to ask why your cat Doesn’t sleep at night and meows Constantly don’t hesitate to go to the Vet to check to see if they have a Health problem Although excessive meowing is usually Related to a mental issue they can also Emit these vocalizations to let us know They’re physically in pain or otherwise Don’t feel well As you’ve seen there are several causes Which explain why your cat doesn’t let You sleep at night it’s even possible There is some combination of them if Your cat prefers to sleep during the day For whatever reason we need to find out The cause so that we can address the Problem and help your feline friend to Have a better quality of life The following tips will help you do just That

As we’ve said physical activity is very Important to keep your cat stimulated And tire them out this way at night they Will feel more exhausted it’s also best To play at different times throughout The day especially in the afternoon A comfortable warm and safe place to Sleep is key so do not skimp in Providing the most suitable bed for your Cat especially if you spend many hours Alone during the day it’s essential you Have toys and objects to keep your cat Stimulated and entertained You can choose different types of Scratching posts cat trees food Dispenser toys intelligence games and Even use olfactory stimuli such as Catnip throughout the home As we’ve indicated feed them before Going to bed to ensure they don’t go Hungry during the night and can sleep If the cause is a lack of activity and You can’t provide the hours of play they Need it may be a good idea to Incorporate a new member into the family This is not a decision to be taken Lightly so analyze your cat’s character And only choose a new feline tenant if It’s suitable and carry out the correct Introduction between the two of them With the heat cycle being a major cause Of restlessness choosing to sterilize The animal may be the best solution for Male cats as well as female

Besides both you and the cat getting More sleep at night it will reduce the Suffering they go through from being so Frustrated at not mating Sterilization has other advantages such As reducing breast cancer reducing the Development of behavioral problems Avoiding uterine infection and avoiding Marking in the home If you still can’t find the cause of Your cat not sleeping at night and this Is causing you difficulty in sleeping Then we advise you visit a professional Finding a veterinarian who’s specialized In anthology will be able to provide Analysis as to why they aren’t sleeping As well as advising you on what to do About it Does your cat not let you get to sleep Why do you think this is the case Let us know by sharing your experience In the comments give us a like if you Enjoyed the video and subscribe for more We’ll see you next time [Music] You

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