COVID-19 in CATS🐱 Can They Get It? Are They Contagious?

😷 In this video from AnimalWised, we clarify if cats can contract the coronavirus and whether they can transmit it to people. We make these assertions based solely on the scientific evidence available so far. We tell you about the cases of COVID-19 in cats and the scientific studies that have been carried out on whether felines can be infected. We also let you know if they can transmit coronavirus to humans.


FELINE 𝗖𝗢𝗥𝗢𝗡𝗔𝗩𝗜𝗥𝗨𝗦 😷 Symptoms and Treatment 👉

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The current pandemic and subsequent Lockdown has raised certain issues for Those who share a home with a cat Reports from recent days indicate the Virus may have spread to a domestic cat As well as feline zoo animals in this Video from animal wise we’re going to Explain whether cats can have COO vid 19 And if they can transmit it to people Based on the scientific evidence Currently available [Music] The first apparent case was that of a Cat in Belgium whose feces was not only Test positive for the new Karuna virus But they also suffered respiratory and Digestive symptoms furthermore tigers And lions in a New York Zoo were Reported to have tested positive for Couvade 19 however only one tigress was Tested the other cats were observed to Have respiratory signs of the disease we Cannot say for sure that the symptoms of The cat in Belgium which has already Recovered were Dudek ovid 19 in both This case in that of the New York Zoo The virus originated from the animals Caretakers taking into account the Millions of people worldwide who Potentially have had corona virus and The amount of those who share their Homes with animals it is not yet Possible to make inclusive statements About the potential zoonotic nature of

The disease these reports so far are Anecdotal below we explain the Scientific studies that have arisen on The subject but first don’t forget to Subscribe to the animal lies channel to Stay up to date on the latest on Domestic and wild animals as well as Much more the first study by Shi at all Concludes that cats can contract the Virus and it may replicate in their body Resulting in mild respiratory symptoms Also these cats may infect otherwise Healthy cats a similar conclusion has Been reached in ferrets however such Susceptibility as much more limited in Dogs animals such as pigs chicken and Ducks were also not susceptible we must Bear in mind that the cats in the study Were exposed to very high doses of the Virus which would not be able to occur In the natural environment still low Susceptibility and a very limited Ability to transmit the virus were Detected another study carried out on 102 cats by Zhang at all concludes that A Lu 15 were positive only 3 had any Immune reaction in addition other tests Have looked for the virus in cats dogs Ferrets foxes and raccoons with Unexplained respiratory problems or Deaths of 800 animals tested all were Negative prokovich 19 For all these reasons the organization’s Involved in both human and veterinary

Public Health conclude that cats have no Relevance to couvade 19 currently there Is no evidence that companion animals Transmit the disease and humans animal Transmission would only occur in Exceptional circumstances still it is Recommended that people here tested Positive to coronavirus leave their Animal care to others or maintain the Recommended hygiene guidelines on the Other hand it is true that cats can have Other types of coronavirus although we May hear about these viruses in a Veterinary context none are related to Couvade 19 if you want to know more About the feline coronavirus here above And in the description we leave you a Video in which we explain its symptoms And treatment we hope we have helped you Be informed about couvade 19 and cats if You find the video useful don’t forget To give us a like and share your opinion In the comments we’ll see you next time [Music]

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