Devon Rex Cats – Top 10 Facts

Have you ever wondered about Devon Rex cats? Like, why do they look so goofy with their hair sticking straight out, what are their personalities like, why are they priced so high, how did they come to be, and how friendly were the breed’s ancestors? Watch this video to learn 10 facts, from where the Devon Rex came from, what they’re like as a breed, how healthy they are, and so much more!

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Have you ever wondered about Devin Rex Cats like why they look so goofy with The hair sticking straight out what are Their personalities like why are they Priced so high how do they come to be And how friendly were the breeds Ancestors the Devon Rex is an iconic Breed of cat distinct in appearance and Personality the breed is highly sought After by breeders and owners alike for This reason the Devon Rex can fetch a Hefty price The medium-sized breed is also known for Its excitable and playful personality Keep watching to learn 10 facts from Where the Devon Rex came from what They're like as a breed how healthy they Are and so much more now let's find out Our top 10 facts about the Devon Rex and Become an expert A fascinating history the unique Devin Rex cat enjoys an appropriately unique Heritage unfortunately there is a fair Bit of confusion surrounding the Specifics of the breed's origin with Some accounts more fanciful than others One miss Beryl Cox of Devon receives Most of the credit in 1960 Miss Beryl Cox was living in buckfast Lay Devon England they're an old abandoned Tin Mine a curly coated feral Tomcat was Known to live around the mine but no one Had been able to capture the Wildcat Miss Cox a kind woman who had been

Crippled as a result of a war injury Gave shelter to a feral tortoise shell And white female behind her house when This female gave birth to kittens in her Back Garden Miss Cox was not surprised To find that one of them was a beautiful Brownish black male with lots of curls Some of which even cascaded in ringlets On his tail It is believed that this Mother was an offspring of the unnamed And Untouchable ten mind Troubadour and That this litter was sired by him as Well Miss Cox being a cat lover decided to Keep this lovely kitten who was the Spitting image of his father as her own Pet she named him curly From there it was just a matter of Rigorous lime breeding to produce the Distinctive Devin Rex we know today What's in a name The Latin word Rex means king but the Word also describes rabbits and cats With a certain type of curly coat with The Devon Rex breed of cats both Definitions May apply Devin rexes can Roll a household their owners often Treat them like kings one over by their Unique appearance and their loyal loving And sociable personalities The word Devon within the name Originates from the county from which The cat was first introduced in 1960. Buckfast Lay Devin England with Miss

Beryl Cox A surprising personality Devin Rex cats are intelligent friendly And outgoing these super sociable Animals are good with kids as long as The kids know how to properly interact With cats and love to be around pets and Other people Cuddling and goofing around with her pet Parents is a Devin Rex's favorite thing To do The Devon is a playful cat who just Loves to be silly at all times This breed certainly gives the Impression that it is trying its very Best to entertain as affectionate cats They will also demand your time and Affection this makes a Devin Rex the Ideal pet for cat lovers who seek a more Affectionate pet that loves sharing time The highly active Devon Rex is clownish In character and loves to entertain her People sometimes the point of being a Little demanding this breed isn't afraid To do what it takes to get your Attention these cats also remain playful Into old age retaining a kitten-ish Energy well into their senior years Although her personality can be a bit in Your face the Devon Rex isn't a Particularly loud cat they're not Totally silent however and will give a Little meow here and there to Communicate with you but their meows are

A little softer The Devon Rex is considered one of the Most dog-like breeds too for example They're fond of playing fetch According To some owners they can even learn to Walk on a harness you may want to invest In an elaborate play area for your Devin Kitten beforehand a multi-tier Scratching post and a cat tree along With plenty of toys should keep your Kitten entertained and out of trouble While very affectionate the Devon Rex is Not a lap cat they're far too easily Distracted requiring tons of mental Stimulation and will quickly seek new Play opportunities a unique looking feet Line the Devon Rex has an Elven almost Alien-like appearance she's a Medium-sized cat weighing six to nine Pounds and standing about 10 to 12 Inches tall her large ears big eyes high Cheekbones long neck and slender body Are some of the breeds most obvious Traits aside from the wavy coat of Course these curly cuties have fine wavy Coats of hair their coats are short all Over but especially short near the head Ears neck Paws chest and abdomen their Coats come in nearly every available Color including black blue chocolate Cinnamon lilac and white Devin Rex cats can also have tortoise Shell Calico Tabby pointed and shaded Patterns amongst others their chin is

Sharp and well defined the braid Standard demands large eyes as well as Large low set ears the breed is most Famous though for its soft coat the Devin's coat consists mainly of the down Hairs of the undercoat the curly fur Resembles the iconic Marcel wave also Seen in the Cornish Rex The Devon's curly whiskers May Occasionally snap off The medium-sized cats can have a slender Body with a sleek and defined silhouette Small Paws meet long slender legs the Hind legs are longer than the four legs Oh and if you're looking for a cat that Won't leave fur all over your clothes And couch you're in love the Devon Rex Falls into the category of low shedding Breeds as for colors Devins can have Anything from solid colored coats to Tortoise shell patterns the Devon Rex Has very fragile fur lacking guard hairs The delicate coat is so fragile that you Should never attempt to brush or comb a Devin for fear of damaging its signature Coat A jolly jumper There exists a subcategory of mammals Referred to as saltatory These are animals that primarily jump or Hop as a way of getting around Interestingly the hind legs in such Animals are always longer than the four Legs

That perhaps accounts for the longer Hind legs of the Devon Rex It is a natural born jumper a Devon will Spend a lot of their time traversing Different surfaces in your home The energetic breed is undaunted by the Height of your kitchen countertops or Dining room table The Devon Rex is intelligent mischievous And highly active They are very playful and want to be Involved in everything and since they Are powerful jumpers no spot goes Unexplored expect to find them perching On the top of doors or climbing to some Previously unexplored spot jumping makes Up an important part of their play with Devin's frequently mock hunting things Within jumping distance A mostly healthy furball The Devon Rex is considered a healthy Breed on the contrary they're upbeat Attitudes and inexhaustible energy speak To their good health That said there are always health Concerns particularly when it comes to Purebred animals The Devon Rex is a relative newcomer to The scene with the genetic line tracing Back to recent history genetic diversity Can be a problem the Devon Rex is Generally healthy but there are some Health problems that may be of concern Especially if you aren't careful about

Who you buy from They are hypertrophic cardiomyopathy Patellar luxation a condition called Hereditary myopathy that affects muscle Function and hereditary baldness Ask the breeder to show evidence that a Kitten's parents have been screened for Heart murmurs and patellar luxation and Do not buy from a breeder who does not Provide a written Health guarantee Remember that after you've taken a new Kitten into your home you have the power To protect him from one of the more Common health problems obesity keeping a Devon at an appropriate weight is one of The easiest ways to protect his overall Health a clever Kitty Devin Rex is a very intelligent breed of Cat smart enough to learn tricks or Participate in training and Agility Contests Devins are eager to explore and love Play hunting the Devon Rex is so Adept At the latter that you may find yourself Accepting many gifts by way of The Catch Of the Day It will incorporate its Keen Intelligence and incredible agility in Its hunting making it a deadly predator To most Garden dwelling Critters While admirable in share skill the Devon Rex's hunting talents May permanently Scare off any birds that have the good Sense to vacate your premises before

Coming under your Devin sites The Devon is highly intelligent they can Learn many of the same tricks and Commands people typically teach their Dogs To help exercise their mind try playing Games that provide mental stimulation Challenge the Devon's brain by teaching Him tricks and providing him with puzzle Toys that reward him with kibble or Treats when he learns to manipulate them A closed quarters companion the Devon Rex might enjoy the outdoors but it is Ill-suited to direct sunlight keep an Eye on your cat to make sure she stays Inside to minimize risk of sunburn It's thin light coat offers very little Protection from the sun's harsh Rays it Is best to keep your Devon indoors To be sure your cat is Happy indoors Provide a scratching post interactive Toys and places where they can perch and Climb with enough playroom and plenty of Things to play with your little Rex Should be just fine Tall trees are an additional risk for These curious climbers its agility may See it up the tree but coming back down May not be as simple that is another Reason that inside is the best place for Your Devon Rex Because of their thin coats Devins are Not well insulated against the cold they Need a warm bed many enjoy getting under

The covers of their owner's beds they're Also typically fond of wearing sweaters Especially when the weather is Frosty And chilly Devoted loyal and not afraid to show it If you're looking for a pet that will Easily adore you and Crown your king or Queen of the humans the Devon Rex will Be a perfect match These cats are extremely loyal to their Owners they'll never shy away from human Interaction and they'll easily miss you If you're gone This is why Devin Rex cats do best in Homes while they'll receive the Attention they crave because of their Playful and mischievous nature it's not Wise to leave these cats on their own For too long They'll make sure they keep themselves Entertained by jumping on your couches Or raiding all the spots where you hide Your food The only way to keep them settled down Is to give them exactly what they long For your love and affection This breed is exceptionally loyal to Their humans craving to be in their Presence almost any time they are near These cats seek out entertainment and Have a love for jumping up on Countertops to playing with things that Interest them or finding food Cat in a monkey suit

Devin Rex cats are often nicknamed Monkeys in catsuits it's an interesting Name and you might think it's a nod to The way it looks it's actually far from That the nickname is actually a nod to The cat's personality a similarity to a Monkey's silliness and playful nature So if you ever hear someone say they own A cat in a monkey suit you'll beat Charmed with the Devon Rex's personality There are two other common nicknames for The Devon Rex the first being the poodle Cat due to their coat style and the Other the alien cat from their angular Head shape and large eyes in short the Devon Rex will keep you busy show you All the affection you could ask for and Occasionally give your drapes a good What for So there you have it 10 facts about the Durable Devin Rex cats how many did you Already know thanks so much for watching Y'all don't forget to subscribe to see Our next video about the animals we love Best

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