DEWORMING DOGS – 5 Reasons it is Important

Is it necessary to deworm dogs every month? What are the advantages of deworming? in this AnimalWised video, we answer these common questions with 5 reasons why deworming dogs is important. We will discuss everything you need to know about the importance of deworming for both internal and external parasites common to dogs. We will also look at how regular deworming avoids health consequences parasites can produce and whether they are transmitted to humans. A proper deworming schedule will help to prevent serious infestations and help guarantee the welfare of our animals and ourselves. If you want to know more background information on deworming your dog, you can take a look here:

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The correct external and internal Deworming of dogs is very important for Their health however many people are Still unaware of this importance and Wonder if it is really beneficial to Deworm their dog every month for this Reason we detail in this animal wise Video five important reasons why you Should deworm your dog every month so Keep watching to learn more [Music] Although fleas and ticks tend to appear More frequently during hot periods they Can appear at any time of year why do we Need to avoid them the answer is simple Fleas and ticks are carriers of disease Which they can transmit to dogs when They bite and feed on their blood fleas Can transmit intestinal parasites such As tapeworms or flat worms and tick Borne diseases include baby OSIS Ehrlichiosis or lambs disease if they Are left untreated these pathologies can Be fatal Additionally serious infestations can Cause anemia especially in publish Monthly deworming manages to prevent and Control infestations by these parasites Hence why it is so important deworming Not only protects dogs against external Parasites it also controls the Appearance of internal parasites such as Lung worm and heartworm heartworm also Known as filaria infest the dog via

Mosquitoes using their buccal organs They introduce it to the body of a dog When they bite once infested the animal Presents symptoms such as coughing Exercise intolerance or fainting these Parasites locate themselves in the Pulmonary arteries of the heart and are Able to cause the death of an animal Lungworm affects the dog’s respiratory System and enters the dog’s body when They eat affected snails and slugs or Via the excretions of these small Creatures the main symptoms are coughing And difficulty exercising the most Common gastro intestinal parasites and Dogs are round worms flat worms Whipworms and hook worms although there Are others in general these parasites Can produce gastrointestinal symptoms Such as diarrhea sometimes accompanied By blood and stool weight loss vomiting Or a swollen belly summation respiratory Signs and others such as with worms and Hook worms can cause severe anemia Potentially leading to death some of These parasites can be transmitted to Humans with children being especially Vulnerable Experts recommend dogs which are High-risk such as those living with Children with access to parks and Gardens or those in groups should be D-word monthly for protection Puppies can suffer an infestation of

Gastrointestinal worms through their Mother or even be born already and Fasted it’s recommended that during the First weeks of life they are worm Frequently until weaning occurs once Weaned the veterinarian will establish An adequate deworming plan external Parasites can also transmit certain Diseases and in these cases probability Of death is greater in puppies monthly Deworming can prevent the spread of Certain zoonotic diseases especially in Young children consulted with a Veterinarian about the best Anti-parasitic product is essential to Guarantee the health of all members of a Family for this reason we suggest a Double monthly deworming which consists Of administering to the animal a single Tablet to protect against the most Frequent internal and external parasites At the same time now you know the Importance of deworming you should speak To your vet and ask advice about Implementing a plan if you find this Video helpful give us a like and don’t Forget to subscribe for more we’ll see You next time [Music]

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