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Here at AnimalWised, we are going to show you some of the best rabbit breed types. We can’t have everybody’s favorite rabbit breeds, but we in this video we have ’Different Types of RABBIT – Best Breeds’. These are breeds which come in various sizes, colors, shapes and fur-length. We detail some of the most interesting aspects of rabbit breeds like the Blanc de Hotot, Rex, Flemish Giant and French Lop. This means giving you their physical characteristics, their temperament and, importantly for rabbit guardians, their care needs. If you want to know more about our beloved lagomorph friends, this brilliant bunny videos are here to help:

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[Music] In this animal wise video we’re going to Show you some of the most common types Of domestic rabbit so don’t miss out [Music] The Rex rabbit can be of two sizes the Standard large size which can weigh up To five kilograms and the mini variety Which only weighs around one to two Kilograms it can come in a variety of Colors including black chocolate brine Red or white whether or not they have a Spotted pattern their fur is super soft To the touch These are usually very active rabbits Which need a family align them to run Around the home at various times of the Day you can provide a closed-off area Protected from danger and keep the cage Open They are sociable and friendly the lion Head rabbit is well known for its long Fur which as their name indicates looks Like the mane of a lion they originated In Belgium they are not especially large Weighing between one and two kilos but Can be an almost unlimited number of Colors they will always have long fur on Their neck and medium to short hair on The body they will need brush from time To time the lion head rabbit stands out As a very good pet for those who like Cuddles since they are calm and happy to Spend time being held they like

Affection and attention The French lop stands out for its long Drooping ears which give them a tender And melancholic appearance they are a Docile and cam rabbit which can be Especially sweet they will make you fall In love with their delicate behavior and There are many types of lop rabbit which Differ according to size fur or other Physical characteristics they include The lion head loss or the cashmere lock Despite their name the English angora Actually Hills from Ankara in Turkey They are medium to large in size and Weigh between 2.5 and 3.5 kilograms this Rabbit breeds stands out for their long Silky fur and is sometimes farmed for Their hair there are several possible Colors of the English angora including White black chocolate or chestnut among Others they will need to be brushed Daily these are usually very do silent Can specimens although they can be quite Timid and reserved when they first join A family The Flemish Giant rabbit is a popular Pet on farms across the world known for Their enormous size and good nature they Can weigh up to 10 kilograms and have a Long wide body which sets them apart From most other rabbit breeds we can Find them in all colors including black Blueish beige gray brown or white we Usually speak of them as cam and very

Relaxed rabbits which can occur exist Well with other pets although we should Never force them to interact if they Don’t want to each individual rabbit From this breed will need a lot of space To both rest and play as your favorite Rabbit greed been left off our list If so add it in the comments below like If you enjoyed the video subscribe for More to come and we’ll see you next time [Music]

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