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Looking after a companion animal can cost money, but providing our dogs and cats 🐶🐱 with the physical and cognitive stimuli they need doesn’t have to break the bank. With this AnimalWised mega-compilation video, we share a range of DIY cat and dog toy accessories you can make at home, including feeders, a leash, toys, cat house, dog collars and much more. Don’t miss it!


Here we share even more pet craft ideas to help you provide your animal with what they need and have fun in the process:

DIY Cat Hammock 👉
Animal Operated Food Dispenser 👉

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Did you know that cats in the wild spend Around 40% of their time hunting for This reason it is so important to offer Your pets different toys and games to Keep them entertained this is especially The case if you live with your cat in a Home with little access to the outside World or they spend a lot of time home Alone it’s important to meet their needs For satiating this hunting instinct by Engaging their brain and body these Games not only provide them with Stimulation and fun but they help reduce Tension and release pent-up energy if You live with a cat and usually throw Away your rolls of toilet paper you can Stop doing it for a little while In this animal wise video we’ll show you How to make the most of these unassuming Items and create four new games your cat Is going to love [Music] Cardboard ball with a surprise to make This toy you can either use several Toilet paper roll tubes or just the one You’ll need scissors to prepare it and Your cat’s favorite treat as well when You have everything take the cardboard Tube and cut it into five rings Insert them into each other so they Create a bowl with small gaps to make The toy irresistible put either a treat Or some catnip inside kong-style toy Take a toilet roll tube and make holes

With a craft knife along the body of the Tube take one end and fold it over so That it is close put some cat treats Inside and then close the other end over The cat can now enjoy trying to get the Treats out but don’t make the hole too Small or the cat will never get them out And may become stress toy to hunt take The toilet roll tube and cut both ends Into strips so that you get a fringe Effect pierce the body of the tube so That you can insert the ribbon into the End and tie it round but you could have Lots of fun as you move the tube with Ribbon and let your cat hunt cardboard Pyramid if you’ve collected several Toilet roll tubes this toy is a perfect Way to put them to good use simply build The base of your pyramid by lining up The toilet rolls and gluing them Together make the next stage by gluing On another line of toilet roll tubes Except with one less than the base Continue until the pyramid is complete When the toy is ready place several Treats inside and watch a cat have fun Trying to get the might cat especially Kittens love small toys domestic cats Which do not have the chance to hunt Real prey use them as a simulation as a Way to develop their natural instincts The bowl toy and the fringe toy are the Best ones to use to cover this need While the Kong toy and the pyramid are

Great to help encourage their cognitive Ability welcome back to animal wise Today we are going to teach you how to Make your own automatic dog feeder and Waterer let’s see how it’s done [Music] For this project we will need some wood For our base and two narrower boards we Have added an extra third board to place Our local as a small decoration the only Hardware we’ll need are some brackets And screws stab the two boards upright Like this on the base place the two Bowls for food and water the next step Is to place the local rubber channel but You can miss out the step if you want to We decided to decorate our base with Some old vinyls we do so by sticking Them on with hot glue now we can make The marks for our brackets by carefully Creating holes with our drill and then Screw them into place make sure to screw The same on the back so everything is Secured and this is our structure our Dispensers will be attached to our Vertical boards to do so we stick a Piece of velcro onto our plastic bottle In order to secure it to our structure Of course attach the other half of the Velcro strip to the board now we can Stick our two bowls onto the vinyls Using some more hot glue and don’t Forget our animal wise logo we’ve popped In the middle we think this makes it

Even better now all you have to do is Fill the bottles remember that this can Be used for either cats or dogs this is A super versatile DIY project when Filling the water bottle remember to put The mouth of the bottle of lower into The water this will stop water Constantly flowing once it reaches that Point and never finished hi welcome back To animal wise in this video we will Show you how to make a dog collar just Like this one so that your furry Companion always looks great [Music] The first thing to do is measure the Neck of your dog then take a ribbon of Nylon or polyester measure 8 the correct Neck length and add 12 centimeters more In order to incorporate the buckle take The plastic buckle and glue each end With silicone or any other fabric glue If you don’t add those extra 12 Centimeters the collar will definitely Be too small let this dry and check that The collar is the perfect size once Completely dry take a piece of cloth Measure the length of the collar and Mark with a pencil since you’ll need a Square take a corner of the fabric and Fold it in half draw along the side of The cloth and then mark 7 centimeters From the edge you’ll see why now cut the Rectangular piece of cloth add a little Silicone to the lower-right tip and fold

It like this seal all edges and do the Same with the lower-left tape [Music] Now glue the top down so you don’t have To seal the edges and then let it dry [Music] Next place the collar on the fabric fold The rest of the cloth over the collar And glue it properly let it dry for the Final time and then you’ll have your Finished collar as you can see it is Super easy to make Today on animal wives we will build a Cozy little cat house for a friend Carpet a newly adopted kitten let’s get Started for this all need is a cardboard Box first mark two and a half Centimeters on the top four corners and Draw a line between them now with the Cutter cut those two and a half Centimeters be marked with the help of a Ruler we can fold the flaps over just Like this now let’s move on to the Bottom of the box cut these sections Around four centimeters with the bits We’ve cut and with the help of hot glue We’ll stick them onto the flaps we Folded from the top clip some pegs on Them to make sure they stick down Properly and after a while take the pets Off now with a piece of cardboard we can Close and strengthen the roof of the House mark it in the middle and fold it Into a triangular shape like this

[Music] Again you’ll have to stick it to one of The flaps with glue and strengthen it With pegs on the other side we’ll use More glue and stick it in place then Outline and cut triangles on the site Flaps are assumed to be roof to Strengthen our structure and make sure It’s properly stuck in place take a Couple of small cardboard pieces that Have the same shape as those be stuck For a rip and stick them like this first From the inside and then add more hot Glue on the other flap and close it do The same on the other side here is the Interior so you can see what it looks Like we’re almost there now what we have To do is close off the bottom using hot Glue then it’s time to make the door of The house first mark with a pencil and Then cut with the cutter and do the same With all windows here you can do as you Like it’s up to you what you want the House to have and this is the result you Can leave the house sizes or get Creative and decorate it like a proper Book now we can introduce her lovely Kids into his new home if you were Wondering Poor petite is the Catalan version of a Character from the popular manga series Dragon ball does piccolo ring any bells We’d love to know if you’ve got the Reference

Hello and welcome to animalized In today’s video we will teach you to Make a very simple but super fun toy for Your cabinets to do this we will need Any medium to large box depending on the Size of your cat you can use any type of Box like this or even a cereal box we Will need two pieces of card a ruler a Pencil a rubber and a sharp cutting Object we will also need some toilet Paper rolls or kitchen rolls colored Ribbons to decorate glue and above all a Ping-pong ball once you have everything We can start the box will be the base of Our toy to begin with take the bottom of The box and reserve the lid for later The first thing to do is measure the Height of the box this will be used for All interior adjustments that we make Mark the pieces of card with this length And cut several strips [Music] The next step is to mark the same Measurement on the rolls of toilet paper Then cut through the mark these will Help hold the box like a column now we Have everything to start building the Interior we begin with the strips of Card remembering that this is the Maximum height of the box this means That all of the walls should measure This size leaving space on both sides of The card to glue to your box fold the Cards in the form of a bridge make as

Many bridges as you want and stick them To your box it is important to make sure That the ping-pong passes through the Hole you must build balls to create a Route to to do this simply bend the Edges to create tabs if you want to make A corner we recommend making a cut and Folding one tab for each side next glue Everything together when you have the Structure at the cut up rolls to create Columns in order to secure everything in Place We have to symmetrically coffee the high Parts of the Malta we have constructed For our labyrinth on the lift the box [Music] When you have everything make holes in Those areas where there is no obstacle Using a cutter do so until the whole box Is full of holes the result will be Something like this make as many holes As you want on both sides to close the Box You must glue all those parts that are Common to both tops including the Obstacles and sides and now we can add Our colorful ribbon cover all cut edges With tape so they will not scratch your Cat’s paws just like this do this with All of the box including the sight holes And the end result will be something Like this don’t forget your ping pong Ball Hello and welcome to this new animal

Wised video today we will explain how to Make a great and comfy dog bed by Recycling an old sweater find out how to Do it next [Music] The first step will be to look for an Old sweater that you can reuse it should Be large enough for the dog to lie down Completely and not have to be cramped The top priority is for the dog to be Comfortable once we have it all ready we Will sew the neck of the jumper to seal It well we will also sew a straight Horizontal line at the chest it should Go from under one armpit to the other Armpits as we are showing in the video [Music] Let’s start with the filling we have Used styrofoam balls but you can use the Stuffing of an old cushion for example We use the funnel of a 5 liter bottle to Make it easier to pour the polystyrene Into the Jersey we will fill it from the Sleeves so that the balls will fall Straight inside the sweater we recommend Not to filled sleeves completely we will Close them later we will fill the rest Of the sweater and we’ll close it with a Seam at the bottom by using brooches [Music] [Music] Finish filling the sleeves one it’s time And then we will stitch them together [Music]

So the base of the sleeves to ensure it Does not open [Music] [Applause] [Music] We can finally decorate it a little more To hide the stitches we have chosen a Fabric and we have fixed it well with Hot silicone [Music] Now we can add the dog’s name and voila They’ll love it Welcome back to animal waste in this Video we’ll show you how you can simply Make this fantastic collar for your dog So your pup is the best looking in the Park let’s start to do this you will Need nylon or polyester strap in a color Of your choosing fabric for the flag Also according to your liking a plastic Buckle like this decorations a split Ring for a keychain scissors pencil and Ruler glue The first thing to do is measure the Neck of your dog then take the strap Mark the length of the neck and add 12 Centimeters more to incorporate the Buckle if we do not add these 12 Centimeters more the collar will be too Small then you cut insert the strap Through the split ring take the buckle And glue each end let it dry and check That the collar is the perfect size once Completely dry take a piece of cloth

Measure the length of the collar and Mark with a pencil since you will need a Square take a corner of the fabric and Fold it in half draw along the side of The cloth and then mark 7 centimeters From the edge you’ll see why now cut the Rectangular piece of cloth To form the flag what to do is add a Little glue to the lower-right tip and Fold it like this seal all the edges and Do the same with the lower left hip [Music] Now so we can hold the dog leash we mark The size of the ring on the fabric and Make a vertical cut then we do the top In this way leaving enough space to Insert the collar while it’s drying you Can prepare your decorations we chose to Cut letters out of the fabric and add a Shape to make it prettier we stuck them Down with glue and let them dry when Ready we pass the collar through the Hole and the ring through the cut of Fabric this allows us to make as many Flags as we want and all to make them And you can see it is super easy to make Hello this is the one how to team today We’ll be with you at anymore wise to Show you how to make this food bowl for Your pet we will make a trowel from a Fruit case but it’s important that the Bottom has a base like this one as this Is where we’ll make the two holes we Will need two bowls one for water and

One for food first of all mark the Circumference with a pencil with a Utility knife and taking care we will Follow that line from within so that the Bowl doesn’t fall if you have a better Tool like a jigsaw use it once we have The two holes we only have to match them With the bowls see it looks nice now we Will paint remember to use non-toxic Paint so that you don’t hurt the dog we Have used cardboard to pick the top part And preventing it from mixing with the Bottom let’s go on You can also decorate the trowel with a Pencil we have made some really cute dog Paw prints in different sizes [Music] Now you only need to fill the water in Food bowls keep the food under the box And call your dog here comes the double Watch how much you love the trout Welcome to animal waste in this new Video we are going to learn how to make A homemade dog leash it’s a very simple Craft activity which is safe for our Animals so let your imagination fly and Strap in Here is what you need a thick rope or Cord a smaller cord or ribbon a snap Hook scissors strong glue a cloth or rag The method is simple pass the thicker Rope through the end of the snap hook Until it reaches the middle take the Second cord or in our case the ribbon

And tie it either to the same point in The rope or to the snap hook [Music] To show you how to make the braid we Have used a shorter length as a Demonstration this is a basic braid but If you have the skill and want to make More complicated one with more color Feel free [Music] When you have braided the length of rope You need to fix the ends with glue and Let them dry when they’ve dried you will Need to make look for the handle Make sure it’s the right size to fit Your hand flip it back and fix it with The glue Finally you can embellish the belt with Some more fabric to cover and protect The join [Music] Do the same to the other end of the Leash where it connects to the snapper [Music] Now your homemade dog leash is ready to Be used as you can see the method is Very easy and allows you to get creative With your own designs for custom leads Now we can try it out with Timmy Before you take your dog out in public With your homemade leash you should try It out somewhere safe especially if your Dog likes to pull and tug along make Sure the joins are well secured with the

Glue then you’re ready to go out and Enjoy the world if you liked this video Don’t forget to Like and subscribe to Our channel so you don’t miss out on any News [Music]

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