Do Cats Come Back Home If They Run Away?

Has your cat become lost? Perhaps they are a house cat which has escaped outside? When you think your cat has run away or become lost, it is understandable you may feel delicate, especially if you are unsure whether the cat can return home instinctively or if they are lost for good. What would you do if a cat runs away? Sometimes the cat will come back on their own, but other situations might need you to go looking for them. This may involve a campaign to canvas your local area and maybe even use social media to help recover your pet. If you want some further information, you can take a look at this article on our site – As we find out whether cats do come back when they run away, we can highlight the importance of implanting a microchip and providing the right contact details so that people can get in touch with you if they are found.

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We often think of our cats as being all Instinct navigating their way through The world with supernatural abilities However the belief that all cats will Know how to get back home is not only False but dangerous no scientific Evidence confirms cats have innate Ability to return home meaning many cats Get lost every day risks such as fights Accidents diseases and parasite Infestation complicate matter why do Cats run away in the first place what Should we do if they become lost Let animal wise explain cats are Especially intelligent and curious Animals for this reason it is normal for Them to want to leave their home in Search of new stimuli particularly Hunting prey are looking for another cat To mate with generally unsterilized cats Are more likely to skip which is one of The many reasons vets recommend Sterilization of cats when they are Adopted into a family it will not only Prevent unwanted pregnancy but also Reduce disease parasitical infestation Fighting and escape attempts a study Published in the American Association of Veterinary Medicine indicates castration Can reduce roaming behavior related to Sexual behavior by up to 90% [Music] [Music] Unfortunately there is no one answer to

This question as each cat and Circumstance is different felines have Both great intelligence and acutely Developed senses but there is no Guarantee they will always be able to Find their way back home some will be Able to get their bearings from their Environment but others may escape to the Point where they lose these bearings and Put their safety at risk Assuming they will come back on their Own is wrong and potentially dangerous The behavior of a lost cat disorientated By unfamiliar surroundings can be Variable some try to follow a trail left By urine and/or pheromones Others may keep moving in the wrong Direction away from home If your cat disappears does not return Home after a few hours you should be Patient if they are away for longer than 18 to 24 hours however it will be time To add if your cat is lost the first Thing you should do is look for it in The immediate area You can also publicize them on social Media check with shelters and kennels And speak to your local vet if your cat Has a microchip then a vet can scan them And call you using your up-to-date Information [Music] While it is not always possible to Control the impulses and needs of a cat

We can reduce the chances of their Escape with the following tips as with The person cats will only want to return To the places in which they feel happy Comfortable and loved if you want our Cats to come back to our home we need to Provide a positive safe and secure Environment the home of a cat will never Be complete without the love and Affection of its guardian Remember to reserve some time each day To play with your cat and share it good Times with them every cat needs to Receive adequate preventative medicine To preserve the good health and stable Behavior therefore remember to visit the Vet every six months respect the Vaccination schedule and deworm them Periodically sterilization particularly Castration for males is the only Effective way to eliminate or diminish Behaviors related to sexual desire and Escapism to know more discuss with a Trusted veterinarian if your cat is used To going out science in addition to Taking the preventative measures Mentioned above it will also be Important to teach them to return using Positive reinforcement whenever your cat Comes home you can offer a tasty treat a Homemade meal a new toy or just spend Some positive time with them also Remember to congratulate them for their Attitude dedicating positive words of

Incentive and giving them some caresses Now you know why cats escape and that Not all will return of their own Volition maybe you want to share some of Your own experiences about lost cats if You do please tell us about them in the Comments below give a like if you Enjoyed the video and subscribe to our Channel for regular updates we’ll see You next time [Music]

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