Do Cats Have FEELINGS? ๐Ÿ˜ธ Do They Have EMOTIONS?

Do you wonder if your cat loves you? Do you think they have any feelings at all? Although there is a belief that cats are cold and distant animals, the truth is that they feel many emotions and express their affection in very different ways. In this video from AnimalWised we explain how cats feel and to what extent they have feelings.

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There is a belief that cats are cold and Distant animals unlike dogs which are Warm and affectionate if you live with a Feline you will know this to be patently Untrue cats can feel many emotions and Express their affection in very Different ways in this animal wise video We asked the big question Hardy cats Feel so that you can better understand Their emotional life Differences between feelings and Emotions to know how cats feel it is Necessary to know how to distinguish Between feelings and emotions since we Often tend to confuse the two emotions The motions are a set of neuro chemical And hormonal responses that predispose Us to react in a certain way to a Specific stimulus for example seeing a Snake can produce an immediate fear Response for many animals although many Of these responses are instinctive many Are also due to learning this is because The information the brain assimilates About what we have experienced will Influence how we react once the same or A similar event occurs again for example Dogs which have been abused in the past Are more likely to exhibit fear towards Other people since they associate them With a negative experience feelings Feelings are similar to emotions but They differ in that they include our Conscious evaluation of experience

Although both concepts are related to How we experience situations emotions Are basic and one way they appear Immediately when the stimulus appears Conversely feelings require a reflective And self-conscious process for example You may be happy to recall a memory you Have identified as positive or when you See a snake you can analyze how it makes You feel and reflect on her logic what It is to be afraid [Music] Howdy cats fear to understand how a cat Feels it’s necessary to see through Their eyes and avoid using our human Perspective we have the ability to Reflect on ourselves which allows us to Form a concept of self distinguishing Ourselves from other individuals and Fill in complex emotions such as guilt Or shame cats are not shown to possess This self-awareness cats are purely Emotional animals they respond to Different situations in the most Appropriate way such as being afraid of Stimuli they perceive as dangerous or Joy towards something pleasant for this Reason we cannot say that cats have Feelings per se they live in the present Moment and do not need to reflect on Their own experiences but they do learn From them Although the emotional responses are Basic and immediate they evolve over

Time depending on what experiences they Have it is not strange for a cat to be Scared of dogs in the street but it’s Also affection with the dog with which They live this is because they have Created an affectionate bond with the Latter having learned they pose no Threat [Music] How do you know if your cat loves you Cats are very peculiar animals and have Many forms of communication to express How they feel some of these forms of Expression include prairie rubbing Against you or occasionally bringing Your present cats create a bond with People in a similar way a child does the Feline perceives their human as a source Of physical and emotional security like A mother provides for their child’s care Although cats are rather temperamental Animals and G’s last reason does not Prevent them from feeling affection we Must not forget that cats are social Animals and therefore need other living Beings to survive for this reason Feeling and expressing affection is of Vital importance to accounts well being If you want to know if your cat misses You you recommend you watching the video We share here in which we reveal that Cats miss their owners do you have an Interesting experience if your cat’s Showing you love if so share in the

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