Do Cats Like Kisses? – Discover the Truth!

When you love your cat as much as you do (and we know you love them A LOT), you want to know how to show it. The way we show our love to close friends and family is often through kisses and hugs which seem so natural. Unfortunately, cats don’t express their affection in the same way. Their method of communication is through other types of body language, so let AnimalWised answer whether cats do like to be kissed. In doing so, we’ll show you some more appropriate ways to shower your feline friend in affection. To know more, head on over to our site for further reading:

[Music] Many carers of cats wonder if they’d Like to be kissed or if this is a Display of affection which makes them Feel uncomfortable we need to emphasize That it is impossible to establish an All-encompassing rule or manual for Every cat on the planet Each feline has their own unique Personality with a set of preferences And behaviors specific to them however What we can do is look at the general Traits of feline language and methods of Cat communication they have different Ways of expressing their emotions moods And perceptions than us humans this is Why not all demonstrations of affection Such as kisses and hugs are as pleasant For your cat as they are for you [Music] [Music] If we look at the behavior of most Domestic cats you will see they don’t Like to be kissed neither will they be Receptive if you try to wrap your arms Around them for a hug this can generate A feeling of imprisonment and make them Feel vulnerable similar to not liking Their belly touched However some individual cats might adapt And learn to accept these displays it’s Part of the positive bond they have with Their tutors in any case we need to Emphasize that hugs and kisses are not

Generally part of feline affection Displays so ensure you get to know the Personality of your individual cat and Don’t push them into awkward situations So why do some cats like to lick their Human companions Although licking affectionately is Usually more associated with dogs cats Can also like to express their affection To behavior more commonly associated With cats who live alone with their Guardians and have no other cats around When a cat licks are human pal it can be Interpreted as a sign of affection as it Implies they consider than one of their Own and it engenders trust now you know That cats don’t generally like to be Kissed you may wonder how you can better Shew affection the first thing to Remember is that each cat is a world Unto themselves and one of the best Things about having a cat is getting to Know their personality better the best Way to tell your cat you love them is to Know this personality and identify both The things they like and those which Make them feel uncomfortable Additionally you can spend some time Getting to know the body language of Cats in doing so you’ll learn to Interpret body postures facial Expressions and everything else you need To improve communication between the two Of you to know how to pet them how they

Like it started off by gently rubbing Different parts of the body and see if They respond positively or negatively Alternatively you can preparing Delicious homemade dishes and treats to Pamper your cat and show them you love Them you can go to our animal wise Website to see different recipes your Cats will find delicious Does your cat like to be kissed Or do they absolutely hate it share your Experiences in the comments below and if You enjoyed the video give us a like and Don’t forget to subscribe for more Videos on our Channel We’ll see you next time [Music] You [Applause] [Music]

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