Do Dogs FEEL Our PAIN? 🐶🗯️😢

😢🐩 Does your dog comfort you when you are sad? You my not be aware, but dogs are able to perceive our emotions and empathize with us. In this AnimalWised video we explain how it is true that dogs feel people’s pain from a scientific point of view.


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[Music] If your furry friend is by your side Perhaps you’ve seen how they’ve appeared To comfort you when you’re dying Dogs are social animals which understand And empathize with those around them In this animal-wise video we explain how Dogs feel people’s pain From a scientific point of view Do dogs know how to recognize our Emotions a study from goldsmiths University london Showed that dogs are able to distinguish Crying from other moods They have also been shown to try to Comfort the person regardless of whether It is a human they are close to Or somebody else the study was conducted By a group of psychologists led by debra Custons and jennifer mayer The research consisted of subjecting 18 Dogs of different breeds To three states of being carried out by Different people The three states were talking humming And crying When the humans were talking neutrally The dog showed indifference When people began to hum they were Curious nervous and excited Finally when people cried the dogs felt Great empathy that translated into their Own expression of sadness They approached in a submissive attitude

And sought physical conduct To try to alleviate the sadness they Observed in the person The experiment revealed that yes dogs do Feel people’s pain Do we feel their pain just as we feel Emotion when we think our dog Understands us we must be able to Understand them too To do this it will be useful to observe Them at all times to see if they eat Play sleep and react normally if we Understand our dog well We can distinguish a symptom of Discomfort or sadness over time Don’t forget that dogs can also suffer From depression or mental health Problems For this reason if you observe sadness In your dog try to improve their daily Routine with games and activities Which stimulate cognition a good way to Improve the relationship between dog and Human Is to teach them new tricks as long as They are rewarded for it through Positive reinforcement Here and in the description we share a Video in which we explain everything you Know about canine language so that you Understand your dog perfectly Share your own stories of when your dog Felt your pain in the comments And we’ll see you next time


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