Can dogs have nightmares? What should we do if they are having one? 😢👇 Many people wonder ’Do Dogs Have NIGHTMARES’, but what is the truth? In this new AnimalWised video, we explain everything you need to know about dogs and sleeping. We explain how the dream processes of dogs are thought to be similar to those of humans. So, if dogs can have dreams, it makes sense that dogs can also have nightmares? We also provide some advice about what to do if you think your dog is having a nightmare. Keep watching to find out more and check out the original article for even more info:

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When they see their dog whimpering Crying or even growling while asleep Many dog Guardians wonder if dogs have Nightmares if that includes you keep Watching animal eyes [Music] The r’s a dog gets to sleep are Essential for body and mind to replenish Their energy and maintain a balanced Metabolism as Guardians we need to Ensure our furry friends have a cam and Positive environment where they can Relax and sleep well puppies can sleep Up to 20 hours a day during the first Three to four months of life an adult Dog usually sleeps between 8 to 13 hours While older dogs may sleep between 15 And 18 hours per day dog dreams occur When the sleeping dog enters the REM Phase several studies have shown that Brainwave patterns of dogs during sleep Are not very dissimilar to those Observed in humans this suggests sleep And dogs has the same function as in Humans ie to assimilate the experiences And lessons of their waking life Therefore it’s very likely dogs dream of Things experienced in their day-to-day Such as walks games they share with Other dogs or even food they Particularly enjoyed if you wonder Whether dogs dreaming with their owners The answer is most likely yes since Their guardians are favourite human with

Whom they want to enjoy everything Studies indicate that dogs can indeed Have nightmares if a dog experience is Something negative their dream state can Try to contextualize it and their memory Can turn it into a nightmare it’s Nothing more serious than a dream with Negative or unpleasant content like us Dogs can experience difficulty or Frustration so nightmares are completely Normal however if your dog has Persistent daily nightmares this may be An indication they are suffering stress Or have some other well-being issue if We see a sleeping dog is agitated and Seems to be having a bad experience is Normal for many Guardians to want to Wake them up during a nightmare this is Not advisable since working a dog Abruptly can cause them to become Startled resulting in stress and Potentially an unexpected display of Aggression if you see your dog is having A nightmare it’s best to observe and Wait that shouldn’t last long but if They do and your dog is becoming very Agitated you can speak in a very gentle Tone or even give very gentle caresses Once they start to come right have you Ever seen your dog experience a Nightmare if so share your experience With us in the comments like if you Enjoyed the video subscribe for more Content to come and we’ll see you next

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