Do These HOME REMEDIES for FLEAS in CATS Work? 🐱🐜

πŸ• Sometimes it is not possible to go to the veterinary clinic immediately or it is simply preferable to opt for home remedies to REMOVE FLEAS in CATS. Therefore, in this AnimalWised video we will discover the 7 most effective HOME REMEDIES against fleas in cats. Discover how to remove fleas from a cat naturally.


How to REPEL FLEAS From the HOME πŸͺ³βŒ 5 Natural Remedies βœ… πŸ‘‰

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[Music] In this animalwised video we look at the Effectiveness and safety of home Remedies for fleas on [Music] Cats lavender lemongrass or eucalyptus Oil essential oils such as lavender Lemongrass or eucalyptus are not only Ineffective as flea treatments they can Be very dangerous used topically they Can be irritating to the skin lavender Oil is less so in diluted forms but some Cats may still be sensitive to it Lemongrass oil is toxic if ingested but Eucalyptus oil is so toxic to cats it Can result in respiratory problems and Compromise their central nervous System white vinegar white vinegar is Targeted as a Panacea for many home Issues whether it's cleaning your Washing machine or deeing your cat but The effectiveness of these claims varies Greatly in dilution white vinegar will Not cause your cat much direct harm but It can be an unpleasant smell for their Sensitive noses if applied directly it Can irritate the skin while some fleas May be deterred in the short term white Vinegar is not a good preventive and There's little evidence it will kill an Infestation dious Earth dious Earth is a Natural product which has shown some Effectiveness in killing fleas this lies In dehydrating their exoskeleton so they

Die it has been used in the home or on The cat directly if it is food grade di To's Earth however it can dry out the The cat's skin when used excessively and Inhaling the dust can lead to Respiratory issues its Effectiveness is Also limited and using too much is Dangerous so veterinarians do not Usually recommend it for primary Treatment citrus fruits some claim using Essential oils from citrus fruits is a Good flea repellent since they contain Lemon which has some insecticidal Properties however using essential oils And extracts can be toxic to the cat Especially when used in the quantities Necessary as a repellent and infusion Could be used in the environment as a Repellent but it won't be very Effective camomile unlike Citrus which Contains lemine chamomile does not Contain compounds which are known to Work as an insecticide while it is safe To be used in the environment as a Repellent when diluted it won't be very Effective it may be used in dilution to Soothe flea bites but it will not kill An infestation and it is not very useful As a flea repellent concentrated use Could cause irritation to the cat Skin garlic and brewers yeast garlic Belongs to the alium family and contains Compounds toxic to cats it should not be Used on a cat's fur as they will ingest

It when licking themselves it is also Neither effective as a flea treatment Nor repellent some claim the vitamin B In Brewer Yeast can make cat blood Unpleasant to fleas but there's no Conclusive scientific evidence to Support this Claim baking soda tited as another home Remedy for fleas and cats some claim it Also dries out their exoskeleton there Is very little evidence to support such Effectiveness especially as a standalone Treatment it should never be used on the Cat directly ingestion can cause serious Gastrointestinal problems since cats Lick themselves for Hygiene purposes This means they can ingest the baking Soda when cleaning or relieving their Flea bites these home treatments are Generally not ideal for use on the cat If you want to repel fleas from the home We have some better options in the video We share on the card above none of these Treatments should be used in Li of Veterinary treatment if your cat has Fleas they are proven treatments which Will provide Effectiveness by destroying The infestation without causing harm to The cat speak to your veterinarian if You're at all unsure if you want to Continue learning about cat health and Veterinary advice don't miss the Playlist We Share here share your Experiences with cats and fleas in the

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