Does anyone else have a dog like this ?

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Going yeah Tiger go in Going Oh You only going two Oh see your mate was good You want some cookies Okay Yeah Oh Okay What are you doing [Music] My dogs might like children what [Music] Are you I’m over here No no no [Applause] Okay [Music] [Music] Foreign So apparently the people on Tick Tock Like this you walk in and boom Puppy and now we’re Tick Tock famous Excuse me bartender can I get a shot A shot of uh casanigos please Foreign Excuse me bartender Ma’am can I get a shot When my giant dog sits like this it’s Because she wants a cuddle and I have to Drop everything to catch her He’s a 10 but his brain is made of

Shrimp What are you doing What River River Stop no River Why’d you do that I’ve had Willie for almost four years And she still doesn’t like my brother How about it Shut up [Music] [Music] Foreign I think my dog is broken [Music] [Music] Oh and then she was like

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