Does Your CAT MEOW When They SEE You? ๐Ÿฑ Here’s Why!

Does your cat meow when they see you? There are various reasons that explain why your cat meows when they spot you, but in this AnimalWised #shorts video, we show you the 7 most common and frequent. Why do you think your cat does it?

Does your cat meow when they see you Here are the reasons why they're Welcoming you it's just their way of Greeting They want or need something for example They're hungry or want to go outside It indicates surprise interest or Pleasure this vocalization is short and Resembles a brief scream They want to talk to you take the Opportunity to strengthen your bond with Them They are bored ensure their environment Is enriched with ways to expend energy And entertain themselves they need help If they're in pain sick or injured they Can meow for help They're angry if you do something they Don't like you'll be able to hear some Angry meows and complaints Foreign

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