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Dog Pregnancy Signs and symptoms (week 1 to 9 ) @Pet Philander
Dog pregnancy signs are a great way to keep track of your dog’s pregnancy, and to make sure everything is going according to plan. In this video, we cover the main signs that your dog is pregnant and give tips on how to tell if your dog is actually carrying a pup. We also include some helpful tips on how to care for a pregnant dog, so you can make sure everything goes smoothly during her pregnancy and delivery.


While diagnostic testing is the best way To tell whether your dog is pregnant you Could also watch out for the pregnancy Signs [Music] Here’s a week-by-week account of dog Pregnancy symptoms [Music] Dog pregnancy signs week one to nine Week one and two Most dogs don’t show any symptoms and Their weight is still stable but they May start experiencing morning sickness [Music] Week three [Music] The dog’s appetite increases her nipples Become slightly enlarged and they may Start showing affectionate behavior [Music] Week four Their physical activity decreases and They may start having a clear vaginal Discharge This is the best time to schedule a vet Appointment for an ultrasound Week five The dog’s weight gain becomes more Noticeable there’s increased urination And you may start noticing behavioral Changes Week six The abdomen becomes enlarged and firm And there’s visible puppy movement

Some dogs experience a loss of appetite So it may be advised to start scheduling Smaller meals spaced out through the day So that they can eat Week 7 The appetite loss continues and the Waste becomes slimmer as the puppies Make their way to the birth canal This is the best time to start preparing A whelping box [Music] Week eight [Music] The dog starts lactating [Music] Week 9 The dog is ready to give birth and is Restless and amp more irritable than Normal Before labor begins they may experience A drop in body temperature You

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