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Welcome back to animalized where today We are going to be practicing a doger Session when it comes to dog yoga you Must remember that you are responsible For both your dog’s body as well as your Own each and every person has their own Defects and injuries so you should adapt This class to you and your dog always Being gentle with your own body when Necessary I’m going to be doing this Class with Vesper who I’ve been Practicing with for a long time remember That you need to adapt this class Completely to your dog if your dog Doesn’t want to do a posture this should Be respected and bit by bit you’ll see That your dog will learn to love Doga [Music] Here we’re going to start from the head To the tail moving along your dog’s body With a gentle massage never hurting the Dog and most importantly we need to Offer our dog freedom to leave if they Would like you can see that chair I let Go of my hands so that best bird could Leave if she wanted to now let’s move to The legs always starting from the bottom Up gently in direction towards the heart [Music] Now we are going to sit on our knees and Start massaging our dog from head to Tail [Music] This massage should be done with open

Hands in a circular motion slowly moving Towards the tail and back up the body Then we’re going to move into other Malkov asana otherwise known as Downward-facing dog In this position we need to aim at Aligning our arms with our back and legs It also happens that best Berg feels Like doing this with us and then we move Into the cat cow pose which also helps Us to warm the muscles [Music] You [Music] After moving into child’s position yeah For example we can move on to our knees And call unto Vesper to jump onto our Chests strengthening his hind legs it is Important that your dog feels Comfortable especially in this case Where there is face-to-face contact for Example Luca Vesper looks at the floor rather Than looking directly at me and as you Can see he’s able to give his back and Hind legs a nice stretch [Music] And now for tarasana also known as Mountain Pose which is a standing Position here we’re going to stretch With our arms upwards towards the sides And backwards so that we can achieve a Nice deep stretch then opening the legs We’re going to try and place our hands

On the mat enjoying this relaxing Stretch in this position it’s also very Important that your legs are activated Your belly is strong and that the whole Body is aware we can bend the knees to Then stretch our dog’s legs like this While moving down hold up your dog’s leg But never force it when moving to the Hind legs You should always warn your pup so that They know you’re going to touch them you Do this by placing your hands on their Spine first and then moving down slowly To extend the hind leg and as always Offer your dog the freedom to leave if They want yeah we’re going to take Advantage to bend our knees a little Keeping your legs activated and never Passing the knee with your feet then we Will turn the right foot out a little Into warrior two pose [Music] Yeah we must flex one of the legs aiming To form a 90 degree angle with the Ground make sure you keep your hips Facing forward and always activate it While always petting place your dog’s Weight on your leg or deeper stretch From here we’re going to turn and move Into warrior three pose to add a Variation allow your dog to jump into Your arms helping them to strengthen the Hind legs and back always keeping a Straight line between our back and our

Leg More important than angle here is a Maintained alignment in yoga we always Have to look for this alignment within Our postures from here we move back into Downward-facing dog Allowing vespa some freedom to do Z once From here we’re going to move back into Downward facing dog Allowing vespa some freedom to do what He wants [Music] Afterwards we’re going to move into a Torsion now we are going to place one Leg over the other your back should Always be straight [Music] What we are looking for is that little Twist which our dog can do with us make Sure to do this portion on both sides Now we’re going to lead best bed to the Floor playing with his paws make sure to Follow your dog’s movements rather Enforcing your own here we’re going to Open our legs keeping our back straight And moving forward we’re looking for a Nice released chest forward [Music] You And now comes my favorite part Corpse pose for total relaxation Here it’s important that the palm of Your hands are facing upwards you’re Going to let your dog accompany you

While you both relax play your favorite Calming music and stay in this position For a while [Music] In this posture we’re looking for Awareness and connection focusing on Breath and sharing time and energy Together as human and dog [Music] I hope you enjoy the stoker practice we Hope you enjoyed your time and feel Relaxed together with your pup from Animal wise we encourage that you Dedicate a little time each day to this Practice with your dog to reap the Benefits and we’ll see you next time [Music]

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