Dogs always have a personal grudge against you !

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Foreign [Laughter] [Music] Foreign Get away from that door You know right from that door you Understand don’t you ever dare think About coming here You hear me good boy Okay don’t cry you’re fine you’ll get it Back It’s okay come on Come on [Laughter] Oh my gosh what happened here Did you do this Did you do that No No Oh my goodness no Oh Maverick one with the Halloween Decorations Wait for it [Laughter] Mom is hers and hers only Oh [Music] Slowly escalating She’s incredibly intelligent people it Would scare them if they knew how smart She is [Music] [Applause]

I feel like if you have three animals You always have the Troublemaker the [ __ ] and the perfect one You can’t eat chocolate Last time you had chocolate you had five Easter eggs and ended up at the fifths Didn’t you because Chester Come on [Music] Foreign [Music] Show me the reason you have no money I’ll show you mine You my child is completely fine Kenny should we take the ball with us on Your walk or shall we play in the garden What would you like Okay go get it Bless you Laughs Wow [Music] The Queen Is Coming okay new challenge Wait till your dog’s sleeping then take One of his favorite treats and put it Under his nose and see if he wakes up If you don’t want to poop in the rain Raise your paw If you don’t want to poop in the rain Raise your pox if the ground is really Soggy and you don’t want to go potty if You don’t want to poop in the rain raise Your path

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