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Foreign [Applause] I promise you famous Hey Bark at your dogs Roof [Applause] Excuse me Get off his head Let me see I don't know Brandy [Music] All right Blaze Get up there and get sexy go Yeah boy [Laughter] Foreign You try to bite my face off You get put into the naughty swing [Music] Foreign Um Okay Mark up Mark Okay nice easy one Ivy Okay you'll feel the water No messing about ivy Okay Okay nice and simple good girl Get my half big happy guy oh just a Happy happy guy oh yes sir look at that Oh that happened dog go just a happy

Happy Hey [Music] Oh Lord have mercy They drained me hey honey give me a song Uh Piper what do you have there What is that let me get that let me oh What But let me get that Oh Do you have a German Shepherd who runs Fast like a leopard do her ear stand Tall does she really love her ball does She like to play in dirt when she steps On you it hurts do you have a German Shepherd

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