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I’m gonna touch it [Music] Is Your or is this your elbow Oh Lord have mercy Day drink Pull up On Oh no it all went wrong now somebody Anybody everybody everybody screwed Oh God oh my God When someone asks my mom if I am a good Boy sometimes may be good sometimes Maybe Teddy dresses up every day in October Because he thinks it’s Halloween Not time yet Teddy it’s coming Put an ice cube on your pet to see their Reaction Can you believe they’re still together After all the they’ve been through Oh yeah butt cheeks Sit Good girl Good baby touch Good baby touch Let’s do it There you go Nate Mike Mike You’re fine hey don’t be a dick [Music] [Music] Um [Music]

[Laughter] [Music] Hey [Music] What is happening What’s going on with your tongue It’s Okay Foreign You a pit bull Which means people are going to label You a monster the minute they lay eyes On you You can’t be out here in these streets Acting a goddamn food like these Chihuahuas because you don’t get no Second Chances You always got to be on your best Behavior and I know that’s hard

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