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No no Jesus Christ Lincoln that isn't a stick Who Do You Think You Are My French fry [Music] Did you poop on my floor Why you hiding under your brother did You do this huh Did you do this Why are you trying to hide under him huh Was this you My dog don't play about his toy What the hell The hell And I have not behaved one single day of My life not one day of my life have I Behaved and I am fine Don't don't worry Zoe I got you I'll be Right here with hot coco She don't even want to go Effect Trooper What no you're not going I am just Letting you out because your mom is at Work No No I said no I said no swimming Oh my gosh all right let's see those Pearly whites yeah I'm a piranha Where are you I'm over here [Music] I just don't put that don't put the Paw In my mouth man Now somebody anybody everybody everybody Screwed

Oh my God [Music] Oh no no no no no no no This is [Music] What is it this is the attitude When I don't carry him downstairs then Come on in Hey good morning All right Oh Come on Norm Foreign [Music] Oh oh man oh man Come on There you go Without us Hey We were outside all day I don't know what you want anymore You don't even know what you want You're pouting because I told you you Were being naughty but I'm just looking Out for you because guess what Santa Paws is watching Yeah [Applause] They escaped out of the cage while I was Gone all the way Up here Piss Called you Down there

Karma Hi Where's Monkey go get monkey Yep They say money can't buy happiness but It can buy you a weeder dog And have you ever seen an unhappy person With a wiener dog if you have a dog turn Your volume up to see what the reaction Will be for the following sounds or Don't I can't really tell you what to do Ah a

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