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Giving my dog sparkling water to see his Reaction [Laughter] All right [Music] My dog cooking's deity medicine for the First time and this was her reaction Normally she will be getting mad And barking at me Bro that's not the leg you hurt friend Babe What Ah just got your camera slang please Diver are you in busy tonight Foreign Oh The bottom line is we need to get a dog For protection like if someone tried to Break into our house I'd want to make Sure that they were immediately Terrified [Music] Are you here here here here Nope Thanks buddy [Music] Butterball what are you doing Butterball Come on buddy come on come here but About goodness Graces I know oh my God I'm just gonna scooch in right here if You don't mind uh Oh man I mean Porky what did you think About oh my God

[Music] That's all you got Oh it's very cute Foreign What How to give your dog a pill with no Stress Treat treat Pill Treat Okay [Music] Okay Okay Let me tell you something let me tell You something all right let me tell you Something let me tell you something ah Lord have mercy Did they drain me we built this bench For our dog to sit and look out the Window [Music] It appears he got the assignment wrong [Music]

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