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All right Run [Music] Military [Music] On your box get set [Music] Oh [Music] Salem what does a kangaroo do What does a kangaroo do Hello It’s me When people think he’s the aggressive One Right there right right Good evening tonight’s top story Everything is awful well my dog was Human in a past life She sits like a person watches TV and Falls asleep trustful [Laughter] Excuse me Foreign Take a bath So you wanna take a bath You want to take a bath See do you want to take a bath [Music] Foreign Look at this distinguished gentleman Look at the way he is sitting yes very Distinguished I see I see Good morning

Good morning Okay okay let’s Okay anyway you know Yeah the other One Bravo Denali Center Yes Yes Denali stay Denali heal Yes Denali down yes Denali stay Hang on [Music] She pretends that she doesn’t see me [Music]

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