DOGS vs CATS – Who Wins Using Scientific Research?

DOGS vs CATS – Who Will Win? Leave us your comments and find out! ๐Ÿ‘‡ We take the old rivalry between felines and canines and see who will be the winner and we do so by taking a scientific approach. We look at some of the factors which make both dogs and cats appealing to we humans and see what research we can use to declare a winner. This includes pitting dogs and cats against each other in terms of physical attractiveness, amount of fun they are to be around, cleanliness, affection, ease of care and more. Of course the scientific method when deciding whether dogs or cats are better is limited. We need your help to let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Welcome to this new animal wised video Today we’re pitting the best and worst Qualities of both dogs and cats against Each other in a contest to see who makes The best pet in the red corner we have Cats in the blue dogs and cheering them On are all the impassion fans of both These wonderful animals but who will be The greatest leave your comment below And we can find out [Music] When dealing with different species it Is very difficult to determine Scientifically which of these two Animals is more intelligent a study Published in the New Scientist reveals That cognitive abilities are higher in The case of dogs this is supported by a Collaborative study by various Universities which have find dogs to Have twice as many neurons in the Cerebral cortex as cats this indicates Dogs pit cats to the posts in terms of Intelligence if we analyze behavior Patterns in both dogs and cats we can See that felines devote about half their Lives to rest and grooming they can Spend up to four hours a day taking care Of their appearance significantly longer Than dogs cats don’t generally need to Bathe as they are self-cleaning while Dogs need regular baths especially after Walking in the ring second round gusta Cats to provide a reliable answer to

This question we take the analysis by Paul Zak who study measured oxytocin Levels and people after interacting with Their animals both dogs and cats Oxytocin is sometimes known as the love Hormone and it can be released in the Brain after physical or visual contact In affectionate relationships such as Partners and families the study reveals A five-fold increase in oxytocin levels When humans interacted with their dogs Although two of the 20 relationships Analyzed revealed very high hormone Release levels with cats this point is Taken by the dogs it’s difficult to Determine which of these T animals is More fun after watching ours of both Dogs and cats being hilarious and YouTube videos it’s impossible to say Which is the funniest this drawings are Drawn to answer this one we need to Analyze the olfactory receptors of both Species although some breeds can show More than the average dogs generally Have olfactory receptors numbering Somewhere between 200 and 300 million Cats have around 67 million knowing that We humans have a paltry 5 million both Have a much more acute sense of smell Than us but dogs remain the champion in This one if we review the care that dogs And cats require such as food walks Space hygiene and health we can quickly See that cats are much easier to look

After they don’t need as much space as Dogs nor do they need walks or regular Baths Additionally they usually eat less and In the case of house cats have less Chance of contracting an infestation by Internal or external parasites although They are known to generally require more Veterinary assistance than dogs cats Still take this front both animals are Beautiful especially when they’re little To get scientific with this one we’ve You to study by Jessica gall about Searching for animal videos on the Internet Six thousand seven hundred ninety five People participated in the study which Found that although most claimed to be Fond of both animals cats provided more Relaxation and pleasure for the viewer Additionally cat videos and YouTube have More visits than any other category Statistically at least cats are the most Aesthetically pleasing to humans as you Can see this is a technical time can you Help us make the decider Leave your comments indicating which Animal you prefer below and let’s see The results if you enjoyed this video Give us a like and don’t forget to Subscribe to stay up to date with Everything we share if you want to know More about where we find our research Information you can check out the

Description for references see you next Time [Music]

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