Dogs will always be a puppy

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Let’s go [Applause] Oh Jesus look at the Zoomies [Music] Hey bye now your girlfriend Is ugly What are you doing Foreign [Applause] [Applause] [Music] Foreign Oh dear You okay There’s rooms in it Laura it’s there’s Roots Laura it’s attached to the ground [Applause] [Music] Oh my God I want to take him home we can Put him in the truck we could put them In the truck Look at him We’re gonna have to sell your feet Pictures Oh [Music] [Music] The horse is here You in a FaceTime Nana FaceTime Nana I don’t know What’s it like well there are some Things you should know first off She got him on the street believe it

I’m making my way back home been a long Day time to see my fluffy dog Oh Hey hey [Music] Mom Mom where are you Mom Mom Hello you there Mom Mom [Music] Foreign [Music] That’s my boy No my boy father help Yeah tell the puppy you love him I love Him [Music] What’s a command you unintentionally Taught your dog Foreign No Stop stop Brody Yes [Music]

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