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Foreign [Music] Foreign Paul this is great thank you for this [Music] Because I don't care yeah immediately Immediately no immediately no I'm telling you right now yeah [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] I don't think you have any idea how fast I really am Foreign [Music] Foreign I'm on my way to work today and a dog is In the middle of the main road taking a Nap so I open my car door and she jumped In and now we're trying to find her Owners hi hi I know I know I know we're Gonna find your mama it's okay I don't know why she was laying in the Middle of the main road taking a nap but She was Foreign [Laughter] No give Mommy a kiss no give Mommy a Kiss oh hey that's not a kiss If ghosts Are not real then how do you explain This What have you got You can take a small bite just bite the

Corner like this [Music] The cutest dog in the world

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