Emergency Pet Preparedness -5 tips to ensure your pet is taken care of

Emergency Pet Preparedness! If you were whisked away to the hospital what would you do with your pets? Do you have a plan? We love them and we want to make sure they are cared for during a coronavirus or any emergency.
In this video I’ll share 5 how to tips to ensure your pet is taken care of and safe.

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So if you fell ill or worse had to be Whisked away to a hospital What would you do with your pet well This pandemic has gotten a lot of us Thinking about that very thing so In today’s video i’m going to share five Of my best tips To help you prepare for a coronavirus or Any emergency And keep your pets safe coming up Hi i’m deborah and you’re watching it’s Not just dogs The place to be if you love dogs cats Animals and the planet we love our fur Babies and we all want to make sure that They’re cared for In the event of an emergency so here is Some helpful information To help you prepare for just that Tip one if you have the time or the Opportunity At the first sign of any kind of Emergency you might be experiencing Make sure to bring your dogs or cats or Pets in And place them in a room or somewhere They can easily be found Sometimes animals can sense danger and They pick up on our anxieties and a lot Of times they will run And hide so you want to be able to find Them Tip number two you want to make sure That you have one of those

Pet rescue decals on somewhere near the Front of your door In the event someone has to come a first Responder or such has to come And they’ll know you’ll have pets inside It sounds Really uh like everybody should know That but i gotta tell you I don’t have one in my window i guess i Thought mom’s always here but Hello she could have an accident when I’m not here So it’s a good idea to have one of those Placed in your window Tip number three it’s also a really good Idea To somewhere in your house easy to find Have A description of your animals How many you have and where they’re Located Sometimes we have a turtle or you know Maybe some guinea bags or Something so make sure that you have That as well as the sign on the front Door That will help whoever’s trying to find Them Now the biggest all in caps and glowing Thing on my list if you become too ill To care for your animals or If you have to be taken to the hospital In a rush the most Important thing you can do today this

Very day Is find at least two people that Have agreed to in advance take care of Your animals If such an event occurs this Is a big decision so don’t take it Lightly I can tell you from personal experience Even though we don’t really like to Think about it This is something that can make a life Or death difference for the well-being Of your pet and if you’re thinking wow i Don’t know who I would ask possibly let me give you Some suggestions to kind of get you Started on thinking that route Of course the obvious one is family or a Friend Uh but also maybe your pet groomer um I think also a daycare or a boarding Facility sometimes we get Really close with those as well and they Might you know Help you out in this sort of a scenario You also might want to check with your Best Especially if it’s a well kind of like The pandemic or Uh if there was a hurricane or something Sometimes they don’t have Room so but those are some of the people That you might start with to think about To reach out to to see if they would be

That person that would be on your list For you Be sure to talk to them about this in Advance and provide them with some Information on how to get access to the Animals or your pets In the event that you’re not there when They come to pick them up i also want to Recommend A free resource and i did say free That can really help with all of this i Think it’s a really handy tool and it’s Even Kind of a nice tool if you travel often And you need to leave notes for your Pet center or someone like me It’s shameless i’m sorry It’s called 11 pets and it’s available At the app store and again it is f-r-e-e And i put a link to it down below in the Description Um i think you might like it i really Think it’s pretty awesome i’m Plugging in all of my information for my Two pets in there As well now that you have the big Worries out of the way here’s some Recommendations For items that you might want to put in Your emergency pets supply kit If you would like a free copy of my Coronavirus Emergency pet guide you can just click The link down below and it will take you

To a page where you can fill in your Information and a download will be sent To you Right away have all these items Easy and handy to reach in a convenient Location like the garage or Or perhaps a storage room or maybe you Have a designated pet room That would be a good place to stash your Kit item number one The name and contact information for Both of your designated caretakers And a dossier that shares a bit of Information about your pet Their lives the things they don’t like And any other relevant Information that would help the Caretaker to make this transition easier For your pet They’re likely to be a little stressed Um 30 days of your pet’s medication and A checklist for dosage That 11 pets app is awesome for this it Has a whole section For this very thing but i still think It’s good to have a paper one You know a dosage medicine chart because And there’s a lot of good free ones Online Check for that too next Treats bag treats that you like for them To have Poop bags a leash toys And a blanket their favorite blanket

You’ll want to have a crepe for Transportation of course You know some of the smaller ones are Great but In this instance it might be good to Have one of those wire collapsible ones That might be just a little bit bigger Than they actually need as far as Transportation Because you know they may wind up Wanting to stay in that and i’d get A blanket so that you could cover it Because some dogs get a little nervous And they like to be a little private for A while And they may need that in their new Location then in an envelope attached To that wire mesh or or the crate I think it’s a good idea to have the Vaccination record of your pet The microchip number and the microchip Company Your best information obviously you’ll Need your vets Contact information now it’s a good idea To Check your kit if you could maybe put it On your calendar Or in your google calendar to pop up and Remind you twice a year is good to just Make sure that everything is in good Order hasn’t expired or gone sour Or anything like that so it’s a good Idea to check your kit

Twice a year so that’s it I hope you enjoyed this video and if you Did please hit the like button And also if you’re new uh to us please Hit the subscribe button we love people To join our pack Also don’t forget to hit that download Button if you would like to Have a copy of my coronavirus Emergency pet guide all of this Information Is in it and it’s all written and it’s For free Absolutely free so that’s it I hope you enjoyed this don’t hit don’t Forget to hit the subscribe button And see you next time

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