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The English Cocker Spaniel is a dog much loved for their friendly nature, active lifestyle and loving relationship they have with their human companions. They are an elegant looking longhaired breed which have some specific care requirements to ensure good health and well-being. By looking at their characteristics, care, training and health needs, AnimalWised brings you all you need to know about this playful and energetic breed.

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Hello and welcome to this new animal Wise video today we talk about the English cocker spaniel a very popular Breed in their land of origin but which Noise shares their lies with dog lovers Across the world The name spaniel derives from the old French spaniel literally translated as Spanish dog the reason is because the Original breed came from Spain where it Was used as a hunter and Retriever this Little dog became very popular in Britain where the breed standard was Eventually set as well as in the rest of Europe was then exported to the United States where it achieved much popularity American breeders decided to modify the Breed to get a somewhat different Appearance resulting in the related Breed the American cocker spaniel there Are small differences between these Related breeds as with German shepherds They both have working dog and show dog Variations but the American is most Associated with show dogs the cocker is A small-sized dog compact sporty and Athletic standing out for their long Hanging ears they always have brown eyes Except in dogs with either complete or Partially liver colored fur whose eyes Can be here’s the cocker has a silky Smooth coat which can be solid tricolor Or ruined this dog is especially Attached to their family loving to spend

Time with them they are very faithful And attentive in fact most behavioral Problems which appear in this breed are Directly related to loneliness and a Lack of stimulation They are also a sweet cheerful and Docile breed they are specially playful And active Needing to live with an equally active Family they are also great with children But can be boisterous they’re Surprisingly quiet dogs despite their Energetic lifestyle but they will fall In love with anyone they meet the English cocker spaniel needs specific Care we should brush their coat three Times a week to remove dead hair bathing Can be carried out every two months Depending on how much dirt they Accumulate one detail we need to be Careful of is their ear hygiene due to Their hanging and elongated ears they Tend to attract the presence of mites We should therefore clean them regularly With sterile gauze it will also be Necessary for you to walk them two to Three times daily and include physical Exercise to strengthen muscle and reduce Stress it may be a good idea to Participate in canine sports but we Should at least carry out intelligence Games and activities such as scent games And tracking to keep our cocker habit The English cocker spaniel is an

Intelligent dog and we can help develop Their full potential if we use positive Training methods we will begin by Highlighting the importance of proper Socialization which we should begin as Soon as they arrive in the home when They are a puppy we should introduce all Kinds of people animals objects and Environments so they will not develop Fear aggression or other behavioral Problems as an adult socialization is Not usually complicated in this breed Since they are by nature a very sociable Dog it will be essential to teach our Cocker spaniel basic commands for dogs This will be fundamental for the safety And environment later they can learn Some more developed skills and tricks as Long as they are entertained and Stimulated as with virtually all breeds The cocker spaniel is susceptible to Several hereditary diseases deafness for Example is a major problem in white Cocker spaniels among the most frequent Diseases of this breed we can find Progressive retinal atrophy cataracts Glaucoma hip dysplasia familial Nephropathy or cardiomyopathy it’s Important to make regular visits to the Veterinarian correctly follow the Vaccination schedule and periodic Deworming if you follow this advice an English cocker spaniel can expect to Live between 12 and 15 years of age

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