English Cocker Spaniel – Top 10 Facts

Are you an English Cocker Spaniel fan? Then this is your day. If you’re looking for a fun, affectionate, highly trainable family pet, the American Kennel Club says that there’s no better choice than the English Cocker Spaniel. And if you are in fact an English Cocker Spaniel fan, here are 10 facts about your favorite dog breed, including their history and temperament.

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Are you an English Cocker Spaniel fan Then this is your day if you're looking For a fun affectionate highly trainable Family pet the American Kennel Club says There's no better choice than the English Cocker Spaniel and if you are in Fact an English Cocker Spaniel fan here Are 10 facts about your favorite dog Breed including their history and Temperament English Cocker Spaniels are easily Recognizable you can always recognize an English Cocker Spaniel thanks to their Adorable floppy ears and their lovely Round eyes which are usually dark or Hazel brown color cockers also come in Various colors and their coats tend to Be silky and flat with feathery legs While their luxurious coats certainly Make them recognizable it does mean Owners need the services of a Professional groomer to keep it looking Perfect English Cocker Spaniels have Medium long coats that are flat or Slightly wavy with a silky texture the Legs chest and belly are covered with Longer hair called Feathering but not as Much as that of their cousin the American Cocker Spaniel Feathering is More than decorative it helps to protect The dog's body from scratches or other Injuries as he makes his way through the Field if you plan to show your English Cocker you'll want to Apprentice with a

Breeder to learn how to groom properly Clean the ears weekly with a cleanser Recommended by the dog's breeder or Veterinarian because the ears hang down They're prone to ear infections when you Clean them check for signs of infections Such as a bad smell redness tenderness Or itchiness if your English Cocker Frequently shakes his head or scratches At his ear take him to the vet for a Checkup when it comes to ear infections It's best to start treatment as soon as Possible Cockers may have traveled to America on The Mayflower Records show that two dogs or passengers On the Mayflower an English ship that Carried the Pilgrims from England to the New world in 1620. one of the dogs was a Mastiff and the other was a spaniel However at that point the different Types of spaniels including cockers Hadn't been distinguished from each Other yet there have been spaniels Recorded since at least the 1300s According to the English Cocker Spaniel Club of America For most of that time Springers and Cockers came from the same litter stock The names being more of a size and job Description Springers were the larger Litter mates chosen to Spring fell from The brush Smaller cockers specialized in hunting a

Bird called the Woodcock but by the turn Of the 20th century selective breeding Had created distinct breeds with Springers and cockers becoming cousins On the family tree rather than direct Litter mates Two dogs for the price of one as Previously mentioned there are actually Two distinct breeds of cocker spaniel The American Cocker Spaniel and the English Cocker Spaniel but both are Simply called cocker spaniels in their Native countries They may look similar but the English And American Cocker Spaniel are Considered by the American Kennel Club As two separate breeds during the 19th Century both English and American dog Breeds started to focus on different Traits American cockers are generally Smaller and have more rounded heads Meanwhile English Cocker Spaniels have Longer snouts and less prominent Eyebrows the two dogs breeds eventually Became different enough to be considered Two separate breeds in 1945. What's in a name the word spaniel means Spanish dog and it's generally believed That they indeed originated in Spain by The 1800s spaniels were divided into two Groups toys and large hunting dogs Hunting dogs were further divided into Land and Water Spaniels the Cocker Park Of the Cocker Spaniel's name refers to

The reason they were originally bred in The UK to hunt woodcock They were then exported to the U.S to Hunt the American Woodcock bred to have Slightly different attributes to enable It to specialize in tracking down the Different type of bird in England Spaniels were a functional category Rather than an individual breed of dog For several hundred years in 1892 the Cocker spaniel was recognized as a breed In England shortly before in the late 1870s American fanciers began importing English conquers to the United States a Liver and white cocker spaniel named Captain was registered in the first stud Book of the National American Kennel Club later called the American Kennel Club clever canines English Cocker Spaniels are very Intelligent animals and fast Learners The dogs get pleasure at pleasing their Owner and being obedient making the Majority train they're also used a lot By police as sniffer dogs because of Their intelligence and ability to sniff Out items such as drugs money and guns Cocker spaniels rank 18th in Stanley Corin's intelligence of dogs being of Excellent working obedience intelligence Due to the breed's Happy disposition and Continuously wagging tail it has been Given the nickname Mary Cocker English Cocker Spaniels are capable of

Accomplishing all sorts of impressive Feats take for example fudge the cocker Spaniel who graduated from the Edinburgh Napier University in matching robes as His owner in 2015 a four-year-old cocker Spaniel Cocker named Ginger from strong Near dunoon took Gaelic classes with her Owner in only three weeks the Four-year-old Pooch mastered basic Commands and could Suite sit and furi Stay like a native listener still not Impressed Bella Boo the dog that knows a Trick or two can do over 250 tricks Including amazing balancing acts with Treats clever and inquisitive the best Activities for this breed involve mental Stimulation they Love interactive games Like fetch as well as walks with lots of Smells to explore and they appreciate Time to roam free just make sure you're In a secure area to keep your dog safe English Cocker Spaniels inspired fashion And pop culture when Paul Sperry watched His cocker spaniel Prince running on ice Without a problem he wondered how it is That dog paws have such great traction Upon closer inspection he noticed Princess pop heads had wave-like grooves This texture inspired his 1935 patent For a Soul featuring what he dubbed Razor sipping Sperry's top ciders were The first boat shoes boasting great Traction and white soles that didn't Mark up the boat today spares can be

Found on and off the boat in a number of Different styles sadly the company Hasn't yet expanded into Sperrys for Dogs though the first Superstar English Cocker spaniel was a dog named my own Percy who won back-to-back Best in Show Awards at Westminster in 1940 and 1941. Upon Percy's death in 1943 his obituary Was carried in newspapers around the World and he was regarded as the most Photographed dog in the world arguably The most famous cocker spaniel lady from The 1955's Lady and the it's no Accident that the movie's model of an Affectionate and pampered pet was a Cocker spaniel from the late 1930s to 1950s the Cocker was the number one Breed registered with AKC The braids silky hair and Prim Disposition made the dog the Natural Choice for the elegant lead character Another famous cocker spaniel can be Spotted tugging on a certain bathing Suit on bottles of copper tone suntan Lotion Thrill Seekers the English Cocker Spaniel dog is a breed that thrives on Adventure they are generally healthy Except for Eye and Ear disorders as well As autoimmune hemolytic anemia These energetic companions are always Eager to be engaged in whatever you're Doing whether that's chasing a ball or Playing with the kids They are natural explorers and excellent

Retrievers who love to play fetch with Tennis balls or sticks but with all that Energy and intelligence English Cocker Spaniels can get bored easily these Lively Terriers need plenty of exercise So they'll keep up their energy levels At home they are an excellent Companion Animal for children because he or she Has no trouble keeping Pace as they run Around outside all day long Plan to give your English Cocker Spaniel About an hour and a half or at least Half an hour of exercise each day in the Form of lengthy walks running and Playing outside without adequate Exercise these dogs can become anxious Or destructive while your English Cocker Spaniel can keep up with you for hours On end this breed will also be happy to Rest and relax inside the home after Being active Cockers usually love food I mean really Love it They can be notorious counter Surfers so Management and training can be required Around the kitchen and dining table they Are also often scavengers so watch out For them grabbing everything and Anything when out on walks usually the Smellier the better their love of food Is a great thing when training as they Are highly motivated to work for it it Is often not so good for their waistline Sometimes given the chance they would

Eat until they pop this means you have To be strict with watching how much you Feed always measure out and watch their Waistlines English cockers like to eat And they will put on the pounds if You're not careful keep your English Cocker in good shape by measuring their Food and feeding twice a day rather than Leaving food out all the time if you're Unsure whether he or she is overweight Give them the eye test and the Hands-On Test cockers love to talk every dog is Different but cockers are often quite a Vocal breed when excited they do like to Talk this just means you have to work on Rewarding the quiet times are asking for An alternative when the vocalization Starts to avoid it becoming an out of Control habit because cockers can be Barkers responds to a quiet command Should always be part of this dog's Repertoire cocker spaniels bark a lot Because their bark is their natural Response it's their warning or they Reply to a situation somebody knocking On the front door ringing the doorbell The telephone ringing or other similar Noises are all things that can set a Cocker spaniel off barking cocker Spaniels are popular with celebrities And presidents it's not surprising that Their adorable looks gentle Personalities and friendly Nature has Made cocker spaniels a favorite with

Celebrities and presidents Oprah Winfrey Once had two cockers called Sadie and Solomon and David and Victoria Beckham Adopted a Cocker named Olive Actor George Clooney is the owner of Einstein a rather elderly cocker spaniel That he rescued from a California Animal Shelter Elton John owned several dogs Throughout his lifetime a Cocker being One of them Arthur even served as the Best man at sir elton's wedding even Prince William and Duchess Kate have a Cocker spaniel called Lupo who was given To the couple as a wedding present The Lovable breed isn't just limited to The celebrity life though there have Been some in the white house as well Presidents Truman and Nixon both had Cockers named Feller and checkers Respectively So there you have it 10 facts about the Adorable English Cocker Spaniel how many Did you already know thanks so much for Watching y'all don't forget to subscribe To see our next video about the animals We love best

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