Exotic Shorthair Cats – Top 10 Facts

Exotic Shorthairs are, for the most part, considered to be all-around great cats. They’re fairly easy to maintain and very friendly. Exotics have a wide range of personalities just like any other cat breed. But, as a general rule, they tend to be more docile than average, and they can make excellent companions and pets. In this video, we’ll share with you 10 of the most interesting facts about Exotic Shorthair cats. If you are in the market for a new kitty and looking for something with less maintenance, the Exotic Shorthair cat might be the one for you!

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Exotic short hairs are for the most part Considered to be all around great cats They're fairly easy to maintain and very Friendly Exotics have a wide range of Personalities just like any other cat Breed but as a general rule they tend to Be more docile than average and they can Make excellent companions as pets in This video we'll share with you 10 of The most interesting facts about exotic Short hair cats if you are in the market For a new kitty and looking for Something with less maintenance the Exotic Short Hair Cat might be the one For you first let's meet the Exotic Short Hair Cat Often called The Lazy Man's Persian the Exotic short hair cat has the same body Type and personality of the Persian cat But with a shorter coat the Exotic short Hair was created to be a short-haired Version of the Persian cat Except for the fur it meets all the Breed standards designed for its Persian Parent breed these cats are medium-sized With a broad oval head and a short Pushed in muzzle their coat is short yet Slightly longer than links generally Seen in other short-haired cats In fact a weekly brushing is all an Exotic short hair really needs to keep Her fur and top four Exotic Shorthair Cats also come in the same wide range of Colors and patterns as Persians the

Exotic short hair is a very gentle and Calm Kitty its personality reflects the Best traits of its parent breeds they Are often playful and energetic like the American short hair yet despite their Active nature they are well suited for a Life in the apartment they have the Affectionate and loyal qualities of the Persian which they often display as Perfectly loving lap cats Like the Persian Himalayan and Burmese The Exotic short hair is a Brachycephalic breed brachycephaly in Cats is a trait of skull bones shortened In length which gives a face and nose a Pushed in appearance health problems Associated with this condition include Brachycephalic Airway obstructive Syndrome tooth misalignment tooth Crowding tear duct issues and heart Problems The breed is also known to have an Increased risk for calcium oxalate Euro Lithasis dystocia and polycystic kidney Disease now let's see the top 10 most Interesting exotic short hair facts For number one we have the Exotic short Hair as a relatively new breed as far as Cat breeds go the Exotic short hair also Called exotic is fairly new especially When compared to breeds that have been Around for hundreds or thousands of Years There are a few tales regarding the

Exotic short hairs Origins but this One's the most common sometime in the 1950s or 60s American short hair Breeders decided to mate their cats with Silver green eyed Persians to create Short-haired felines with the same Lovely coloring the resulting kittens Didn't resemble their American Shorthair Parents in fact with their flat faces Round stocky bodies and snub noses they Look more like Persians a breeder named Jane Martin Key took note of the cats And in 1966 she proposed to the Directors of the world's largest Registry of Pedigree Cats the cat Fancier Association that the unique Short hairs be used to create a new Breed at fanciers originally proposed That the New Breed be named the Sterling Since the original breed standard called For the cats to be silver However the cat was called the Exotic Short hair instead because the grayish Coloring was new and exotic among the American short hairs eventually the Parade standard was opened up to include Cats of all colors and patterns Over the years breeders outcrossed Exotic short hairs with Burmese and Other cats to perfect its short plush Coat The Offspring were later made it Back to Persians resulting in the modern Exotic short hair breed today the CFA Simply refers to the cat as the Exotic

Whereas other cat organizations around The world still call it the Exotic short Hair fact number two the Exotic short Hair has a short but plush coat you Won't have to turn your living room into A kitty hair salon when you own one of These cats although they are close Cousins to Persian cats exotic short Hairs are noted for their plush dense Coats yet they have the same flat faces And round heads as Persians do The Exotic short hairs fur is short but Plush that's because the Kitty has a Double layer coat with a thick Downy Under layer that lifts the top coat away From the body this tray is inherited From the exotic's Persian ancestors and Is unique among the various short hair Breeds The Exotic short hair has the Plush Hair Coat without the upkeep their fur tends Not to mat and Tangle like that of a Persian and can usually get by with a Weekly brushing more frequent brushing During the Spring will help control Their seasonal shedding as well fact Number three the Exotic short hair is Relatively low maintenance The Exotic short hair is as low Maintenance as the laid-back American Shorthair though they need occasional Grooming regular feeding and lots of Playing and cuddling these cats aren't High maintenance with an exotic short

Hair you get to enjoy their luscious Coats without having to spend too much Time grooming them for this reason they Carry the nickname The Lazy person's Persian Exotics low maintenance coat Doesn't shed much so owners only have to Give it a weekly comb however owners do Have to wipe and clean the cat's eyes Which thanks to its flat pansy-like face Are prone toward tearing up and staining Its fur the Exotic can also experience Sinus issues or problems with tooth Alignment due to its shortened jaw and Because of its short nostrils and heavy Coat it's very sensitive to heat Fact number four exotic short hairs are Mellow cats Persians are so Placid that They're often referred to as furniture With fur the Exotic short hair has a Similarly mellow personality but thanks To its short hair ancestors it's a lot Livelier than the Persian They are affectionate loyal to their Family and like to be involved in Everything they do they are also laid Back and will handle children other pets But will also want one-on-one time with Their people With early training and socialization Exotic short hairs are fine sharing Their space with other cats or dogs they Are a loyal breed and may lavish all Their attention on their family but she May turn up her nose if a stranger stops

By the Exotic shorthair's personality Makes them especially good pets for Families with older children who know How to interact with pets and seniors Fact number five exotic short hairs come In all shades and patterns Exotic short hairs come in all patterns And colors ranging from black white blue And Tabby to Calico and a Siamese light Color Point coat like Persians exotic Short hair cats have a short solid Appearance with large Paws and short Thick tails One of the most famous Exotic Shorthair Cats was Garfield the lasagna loving Sarcastic cartoon cat of course Garfield Was in a breed of his own when it came To Wise Cracks in laziness trait's real Exotic short hairs don't share at all Fact number six exotic short hairs Aren't fat just big boned while part of The roundness typical of Exotics is due To their very plush coats of fur the Other part is that they are a bit like Small bodybuilders they have thick and Wide but strong bodies their necks are Wide and their heads are large and brown Too some of their heftier ones often Weigh as much as 15 pounds which is Getting up there for cats taking a close Look at their adorable wide and round Faces will give prospective owners a Good idea about their overall Proportions

Just think round head round body round Face round eyes All the roundness simply contributes to Their cute Factor without really making Them fat their round eyes and cheeks Have won over many who think of them as Cute friendly round balls of fur with Their thick short leg bodies wide necks And large heads the Exotic short hair Looks kind of pudgy the Exotic can weigh Up to 15 pounds but most of this weight Is due to its dense bones not because It's actually fat Fact number seven exotic short hairs Regularly Grace the small screen the Silver Screen and computer screens With their adorable teddy bear-like Appearances it's no wonder that the Exotic short hair is regularly featured In movies TV shows and viral internet Memes in the movie cats and dogs 2001 And its sequel cats and dogs the Revenge Of Kitty Galore 2010 the evil Persian Villain Mr Tinkles has an exotic short Hair sidekick named Calico on the fox Sitcom new girl the character Winston Adopts an ex-girlfriend's exotic short Hair named Ferguson who quickly becomes His best friend Meanwhile two famous internet cats Pledged the cat and Snoopy are exotic Shorthand number eight their eyes Correspond to their coat color Since most Exotics have deep pure copper

Colored eyes it might be tempting to Think that copper is the only eye color But throughout the entire breed there Are three primary colors which Coordinate with fairly specific coat Colors copper or gold eyes are seen in Most of the coat colors however Chinchilla and golden varieties most Often have green eyes most white and Color Point varieties will have blue Eyes what makes them all recognizable as Exotic short hairs is their large well Spaced and definitely round eyes Unfortunately those endearing eyes can Develop epiphora which is the medical Name for excessive tearing in the eyes When this occurs owners must gently wipe Their eyes each day which keeps the tear Ducts clear and also prevents the tears From making stains on their facial fur Fact number nine Exotics are very Sensitive to heat One of the most common health issues for Exotics is their sensitivity to heat Their flat faces include flat noses and That makes it difficult for some of them To breathe easily they will search for The coolest spot in the house and spread Out over it to help cool their bodies Their flat noses cannot help them to Easily expel extra heat so they use cool Places instead owners who live in warm Places often will protect them from hot Weather by running air conditioning

During the hotter times of the year Because Exotics have such thick double Coats of fur they do not cool down as Easily as other cats for this reason They do better in colder climates fact Number 10 Exotics love to play with cat Toys whether you play alone or not while Most Exotics really prefer to spend time On their favorite humans lap they do Have a playful side the docile nature is The flip side of their active Play Act They do well as part of active families Who can play with them but they also Will bat at toys When their Human family is away they are Perfectly content to play with their Toys Favorites might include a feather teaser Or a catnip Mouse they're perfectly Capable of entertaining themselves until Someone comes to be with them their Curiosity makes them great play Pals Breeders who know them well often Describe females as being aloof and Males as being more affectionate than Their female counterparts but both Appreciate the attention they receive And will follow their favorite humans Just to get a good pet or pet now and Then Exotic short hairs have a very gentle And calm personality compared to the Other breed of cats I went to their Persian origin unlike their ancestral

Personalities they are way more lively Playful and friendly and often get along With other cats and dogs as well Along with the Exotic short hairs Getting along with other cats and dogs They'll always want to be with their Owner this depends upon if the owner Finds this quality cute or clingy However exotic short hairs always want Someone or something to engage with Mostly their owners exotic short hairs Do really well and are very friendly With dogs plus exotic short-haired cat Breeds mature very late would-be owners Often have to wait to find just the Right color or coat pattern they prefer Reputable breeders carefully plan for The best quality and are often looking Ahead to show quality kittens it takes Time to select the right couples and Time for the newly born kittens to be Checked by a veterinarian have all the Appropriate vaccinations and become Registered it's also common for exotic Shorthairs to stay with their mothers Until there are at least 12 weeks old Expect excellent breeders to provide Health histories for a new kitten's Parents these are some of the reasons For the shortages and why this breed Often costs quite a bit to purchase Exotic short hairs would make an amazing Pet their very Persian breed is Extremely friendly comfortable and

Loving all cat lovers out there would Vouch for the American short hair and The Exotic short hair because they gel With all the other animals as well their Eyes beautiful coat and cute Behavior Make them extremely attractive and Likable in terms of handling them these Exotics are quite simple to handle and Get attached to their owner quickly Thanks so much for watching y'all don't Forget to subscribe to see our next Video about the animals we love best

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