🌊 Do you want to know some CURIOUS FACTS about SHARKS? In this AnimalWised video, we explain 6 FACTS about SHARKS you probably didn’t know. Find out how sharks sleep, how they detect their prey and other fascinating facts you didn’t know about sharks.


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Today at animal wise we’re going to Explain six facts about sharks you Probably didn’t know Let’s see how well you know your sharks They can’t stop swimming Did you know sharks stay on the move Even when they sleep the lack of a swim Bladder in this animal group means they Cannot remain motionless even when Resting the need to keep moving is due To the action of the shark skills This part of the respiratory system is Responsible for exchanging gases in the Aquatic environment allowing them the Oxygen they need to survive To allow this exchange to take place in The first place the shark needs to move So water can be pushed through the gills Without the constant movement the shark Will not survive and would eventually Fall down dead to the bottom of the Ocean Some sharks can reach incredible sizes Find out some more of the world’s Biggest animals in the info video above The gps of sharks is the earth’s Magnetic field Sharks are able to harness the earth’s Magnetic field to use it as a compass This amazing ability has been developed During their evolution which allows them To navigate the world seas which they Inhabit it is particularly important for Their long migrations which make up part

Of their biological cycles This curious behavior gives them the Ability to follow their own interior Maps and routes for the necessary Journeys in their lives it is an Incredibly fascinating example of animal Adaptation which has allowed them to Survive when other animal species Haven’t high sharks detect their prey In addition to recognizing the earth’s Magnetic field sharks have the curious Ability to detect electrical currents Emitted by their prey when in motion in Doing so they can more accurately orient Themselves and strike for a kill Their ability to perceive these currents Is due to something known as the Ampullae of lorenzini These form a network of electroreceptors Located in the shark’s knight acting as A sensory organ capable of detecting Electrical charges around the shark if You’re enjoying these fun shark facts Remember you can help the channel Continue to grow with a super thanks The gigantic and fair jaw of sharks Certain sharks are known worldwide for The ferocity of attack but not all Sharks are equally aggressive this Depends largely on their type of diet For example although the largest fish in The world the whale shark feeds on Phytoplankton they only have vestigial Teeth and are harmless to even much

Smaller animals More common are sharks with powerful Muscles and razor sharp teeth this Allows them to kill and dismember prey In seconds Shark bones Taxonomically sharks are differentiated From other fish in part due to their Skeleton they are chondrichthyan fish With the cartilaginous skeleton most Other fish have a bony skeleton called Osteichthys this cartilaginous skeleton Is characterized by being very light and Flexible allowing them to move quickly And agilely in the water it also Explains why they are so fast when it Comes to catching their prey Shark camouflage in the immensity of the Deep sea many animals opt for camouflage As a survival technique the vast Majority of them tend to do so to go Unnoticed among their predators In the case of sharks this technique may Not seem very useful since they are Usually the main predators and do not Have to hide from larger animals But sharks camouflage themselves so Their prey does not see them enabling Them to attack with great speed and Agility If you want to continue learning about Other wild animals don’t miss the Playlist we share here Let us know which shark facts surprise

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