FELINE CORONAVIRUS – Can it Transfer to Humans?

Are you worried about feline coronavirus? In this new AnimalWised video, we discuss coronavirus in cats, known fully as feline enteric coronavirus. We can talk about the virus itself, the symptoms a cat with feline coronavirus may suffer and how it may be treated by a veterinarian. Additionally, we will also explain whether feline coronavirus can transfer to human beings. If you are at all worried, this video is here to provide some reassurance.

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The corona virus epidemic has put many Cat owners on alert they may have heard About feline Karuna virus and wonder if It is the same as the outbreak in China Can it be prevented or treated can it Transfer to humans This animal wise video hopes to provide Some reassurance by explaining all [Music] Feline enteric coronavirus is a virus That affects the epithelial cells of the Cat’s intestines leading to either mild Or chronic gastroenteritis it is Expelled through feces the main vector Of infection one of the main Characteristics of this virus is its Ability to mutate resulting in another Disease known as feline infectious Peritonitis It affects kittens senior cats and those Which are immunosuppressed it has little Resistance in the environment and we can Destroy it easily with high temperatures And disinfectants next we will explain Whether this virus can be transmitted to Humans but first don’t forget to Subscribe to our channel to keep up to Date with the latest on domestic animals Wild animals and much more [Music] Can it infect humans there are several Strains of coronavirus some only affect Animals such as cats dogs and pigs while Others are exclusive to human beings

This is why I can’t with coronavirus Cannot infect people since the strain is Not one which affects the human organism The most common symptoms are diarrhea Vomiting abdominal pain lethargy and Fever The majority of felines that suffer from It are resistant to the disease they do Not develop symptoms becoming carriers Instead and eliminating the virus Through feces the mutation of the feline Enteric Karuna virus can manifest itself In two different forms dry and wet in The dry form we will observe weight loss Anaemia lack of appetite depression Fluid accumulation and/or evita’s in the Wet form we can notice constipation as Well as inflammation in the kidneys Nodules and abdomen vaccination is the Only effective prevention method so it Is advisable we make regular veterinary Visits and follow the vaccination Schedule prescribed by the veterinarian However once the cat has been infected There is no treatment the best option is To provide symptom management and do What we can to ensure a good immune Response the cat can sell fun factor Spread to other cats if several cats Live together we need to separate them When this disease is suspected and wait Several months before adopting any other Cats if you want to know more about cat Health here and in the description we

Share a video in which we talk about the 10 most common feline diseases as you’ve Seen there’s no risk of feline Karuna Virus transferring to humans but it is a Serious disease in cats this is why it Is so important to vaccinate your cats As soon as you can speak to veterinarian By initiating a vaccination schedule and They can answer any questions don’t Forget to leave us a comment if you have Any helpful experiences or suggestions For new videos we’ll see you next time [Music]

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