Funny animals – Funny cats and dogs – Funny animal videos 2023 🤣 #2

Funny animals – Funny cats and dogs – Funny animal videos 2023 🤣 #2
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You shouldn't be up there should You Oh drugs now we we're okay drugs this is Awkward no thank you drugs who in who in Oh oh god oh Lord are You No Big do it again big Up open the door or I'm going to throw Rocks through your windows You Sorry Okay Okay Okay run Babe that Way Me Stormy You know you hear me calling you oh why Would you do that this might be the best Way to train your Shop cats trap a mouse Live and put him in the back here with a Plastic liner and just watch him go to Town no quit let go let go paa let go Let Go Jack you feel so handsome in your Christmas Sweater I don't want to play cuz you be Cheating You cheat and you grab my Legs no you tried to trip Me I don't want to play cuz you

Cheat I ain't going to lie me too when I Went on her page and seen her pictures I Said SC Dakota what Happened come Here come here you going to Hur just Come over Here Dakota Jesus Christ Perfect oh you so good Honey there oh yes oh yes I love this oh Yeah oh yeah deep tissue deep tissue oh Yes give me that she to oh yeah right There oh yeah squeeze my face yeah feel So good yeah oh don't stop don't stop oh Yeah oh it feels so I'm so GL oh my God oh my God get Away no don't don't tease Them but my antiques are new that chair Comes in a of it Is food No when we found a seal in our kitchen Oh my God oh my God it's so cute wait no don't Get too close to It oh my God Get on them your pedals got it KNE them It's all You hang On don't look at the p I'll pull him Over back what he pull him Around

Oh okay poppy is a very loving sweet Girl and loves attention from people She's incredibly loving and is very Affectionate she does not get with the Cats Stop Stop At That wrong with You What this Cat Goose it's bath Time it's bath Time look at him Dude M so good and Tasty Shak Shak Shak Wow we can come back to it solve it we Have a flashlight kick off then we have A flashlight kick off to make sure that Right Oh what you said oh No To Up here up here up here up Here up Here yo what the hell are you doing are You Kidding no we don't go in the Trash party of trump Hocus like where are you Going hey Frank do you want some l

In all right that's Enough You can't open the door Kitty Girl oh my gosh really really I feel Very Where are you where have you Been what's Up what where have you Been where are you Hi I thought I lost you Mom are you Okay Really you proud of Yourself so I just picked up my cat from Being Spayed and she keeps staring at Me she keeps staring at me like This she's been doing that for 10 Minutes she won't stop Staring oh so Bab so Baby oh wow look at No No No No Over Here Shakir Shakir wow I want everybody to meet my New go my new the new go on the farm I Got the name in cuz my mom and dad Bought it for me at the county fair That's not a lot wait get back she's

Running around she's crazy this my new Goat this my new goat cigarette she's Little silly oh there she go there she Go you got to go potty what you're Dealing with is tough you got to go Potty when she sits on her favorite Toy can somebody explain this to Me Right off I want to go bite out of my Girl cheese and I'm not saying it was You but was it You Hulu Where's Ru there he Is R Hey please go Potty look it's for your own good it's So you don't get eaten by a coyote or a Hawk please go potty look at me you Won't even look at me will you he woke Me up and now he's going back to Sleep this is what life is like with a Cat were you trying to eat a Chicken were you trying to eat a chicken What again chickens again Gracie Doodle spazing no chickens for You no oh chickens for You No put it Down let Go A

Blue get off the Porch you're too big you already been Fed go Away go get get back Boo Y doesn't look like it's going to fit You

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