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Where's your Toy no the other One did [Laughter] You you need encouragement come [Music] Onie good evening Ladi Welcome Cy bar with the coconut cppy bar With a coconut cppy bar with a coconut Are you mad come here come he Turned [Applause] Come what it's not [Music] Me [Music] Hello what are you doing what are you Doing no [Music] Come on jump up come [Laughter] On [Music] [Laughter] Watch this font Flip [Laughter] You're not big and you're not [Laughter] Clever [Music] Foreign forch foreign speech spee for Speech

[Laughter] Zler makes it back to his feet is he Going to deliver [Music] Swe olive No oh Olive No [Laughter] Do you want tickles tickle Tick [Music] Tickles [Applause] Tickles What the Foreign Speee [Music] Look what my husband did to you Jack Jack come Here Jack Oh goodness excuse [Music] You We doing PS boy still fast as boy come get Some [Music] Violet are you for real right Now Violet drop the duck drop It What are you Doing come On Millie it's

Raining acting a [Music] Fool [Music] A okay we're good we're Good [Music] Foreign Look at this distinguished Gentleman look at the way he is sitting Yes very distinguished mhm I see I See ow [Laughter] Ow stop it what are you doing H what are You Doing Nothing Me just hanging Around it was at this moment he knew he [Music] [Music] Di Foreign Fore Spee for Speech Is born next to a nuclear power plant Has an IQ of two and got hit in the head With several rocks as a child but boy Can this guy [Music] Play Look Rosco you cannot have both you need To

Share you need to Share no No you need to Share you're so Close you're so Close just just so Close Ree hey Reys re are you Okay a lot of gray hairs in that smile Now how old are you Re I got this heating pad for my cramps Um But I think he is enjoying it a little Bit bit more you are a perfect little Angel I don't know what's going on with Him chatty did you feed the dog yeah I Did already Be you love your Cot on everything I love I'm over here Dealing with blue why is he in a tree Laying down I did not put him up [Music] There No Yeah dos eat the Cake What is your go-to face to ruin a Photo solid Yeah Do You Want To

Go For A Walk [Music] By [Music] What do you Want what do you Want oh what are you Eating honey got me chocolate covered Strawberries and you open Box No no hey that's my burrito and now you Put holes in It hey oh oh my [Music] God I'm a Snack I'm a snack look at her she's got To figured out she can just eat while Laying Down you're so Smart would expect nothing else for a Sparkle grandbaby look at Her Are you Hungry Sit I heard a noise so I came into the Kitchen And See that wood he lid is off of his food Did you do It [Music]

What are you Doing e what the hell is that it's a Ferret look at it Brian it's like a long Rat like a living tail look at its feet Ew they're gross why'd you get a ferret All the worst roommates have ferrets you Want to pet it it [Applause] Bite It's the puffer fish have a look at that Thing is that coolest thing Ever Right my Dude come on swim off swim Off uh [Music] Oh huh looks like somebody's dog might Have took him Out Bet he looks like an Idiot got water all over your Face let me see your Teeth when they hit the spot 3 2 1 [Laughter] Would You like A pup [Applause] Cup what do you both want this or what Hey Hey For come

Here see Foree

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