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Seeing if my dog recognizes my mom Walking by after not seeing her for six Months Quick double take [Music] Wait a sec Grandma [Music] I like that If somebody say something I don't like Slap or somebody look at me away I don't Like slap somebody breathe too hard Around me slash laugh like Foreign Peace peace [Laughter] [Music] Get your ball Get the ball get the ball get the Pockets Okay go go go go go go go go go go [Music] Excuse me sorry I'm just trying to work On my Landscaping Okay [Applause] You already know Yeah Obesity Stop Stop it hey Delilah Share the basket Delilah

[Music] Thank you [Music] Who wants to go for a walk Let's go for a walk come on Watson You'll go for a car right You want treats you wanna go see your Friends Dog park walk Oh my gosh Are you even a dog A business [Music] What are you doing stay in the sink man What the hell That's a bad ass all right I'm sorry I won't touch it I'm gonna touch it all Right chill sorry I'll let you go bang The neighbor Duncan Duncan Are you kidding right now Duncan Duncan Out Duncan Dragon Excuse miss why is your fur everywhere Will you answer these questions please Do not avoid hey come here talking to The microphone hey Do not avoid the question who are you do You know this person do you have hair Why is there so much hair please answer

The question speak into the mic directly Do not sniff the mic Why are you avoiding the question did You do all this hair where are you going You cannot run the paparazzi will follow You come back I need my microphone Mama learning the anatomy of a Frenchie First there's the gas Blaster followed By the zoomy launchers then the loafness The bottomless pit the selective hearing Devices the waddle facilitators the Snore Factory Foreign [Music] [Laughter] [Music] Foreign [Music]

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