GUESS the CAT BREED by the PHOTO 🐱 Do You Know Them ALL? βœ…βŒ Game/Quiz

🐈 Do you think you are an expert on cats? Do you like quiz and guessing games? Do you think you can guess the cat breed by the photo? In this AnimalWised video, we are going to put you to the test: you have to guess the breed of cat from their photo alone. We are going to let you see some pictures of cats and you will have to guess what breed they are. If you’re ready, pat close attention to the pictures and see how many cat breeds you get right!

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We love sharing what we know about cats But today animal wise wants to put your Knowledge to the test the quiz is simple We show you a photo of a cat and it’s up To you to guess the breed are you ready Let’s get started [Music] Breed number one that first photo look Closely at the details to see if you can Guess this cat breed and what cat do you Think it is A Balinese B Ragdoll C Siamese [Music] Foreign [Music] The correct answer is C it is a Siamese Cat they have a very recognizable Appearance where their slim and Elongated figure stands out they have Almond-shaped eyes on a triangular Shaped head and characteristic color Point patches on the face tail and the Distal end of the four extremities these Contrast to the rest of their Cream-colored coat Breed number two pay attention to the Eyes and fur of this cat to guess to Which breed they belong what breed of Cat do you think it is a American Bobtail B European short hair C toigur [Music] Foreign The correct answer is a you may have Recognized the American bulb Till by

Their short tail this breed of cat can Have semi-long or short hair with Different patterns and colors however Those with brindle striped speckled or Marbled patterns are particularly Popular Breed number three Did you get the last one right let’s see If you can keep it going with this one Do you recognize this breed A American Shorthair B exotic short hair C Turkish Angora [Music] The correct answer is again C the Turkish Angora is characterized by Having a long thick and smooth white Coat that gives them a fluffy appearance Although they are commonly blue their Eyes can also present heterochromia so It is not uncommon to find specimens With one blue eye and the other Amber [Music] Breed number four let’s continue with The fourth photo look closely at the Details to see if you know the breed of Cat which of these three cat breeds do You think it is a Bengal B Egyptian Mao C Savannah [Music] The correct answer is a we’re looking at A Bengal cat let us know if you got this One in the comments Read number five give your full Attention to see if you get this one

Right you have three options which one Is correct a Maine B Max C Munchkin Cat [Music] The correct answer is C the munchkin is One of the most distinctive cat breeds This is due to their short legs which Arose as a result of a natural mutation Breed number six let’s go for the sixth Kitten if you haven’t got any yet There’s still time What cat is the one in the photo a Scottish Fold B British short hair C American short hair Correct answer is a the Scottish Fold Cat looks really adorable thanks to Their folded down and forward-facing Ears they are as sweet in character as They are in appearance Breed number seven Give your full attention to see if you Get this one right A Bombay B chartreuse C corat [Music] [Music] The correct answer is a this is a Bombay Cat did you get it right Read number eight now we’re ready for The last one let’s see if you can get it Right a sphinx B Bambino C elf cat [Music] Foreign The correct answer is B the Bambino has Very particular physical features with

Their short legs distinguishing them From other breeds of hairless cats their Appearance is easily explained when we Know that this cat is the result of a Cross between the Sphinx and munchkin Cat breeds We know it wasn’t always easy but how Many did you get right share your score In the comments and we’ll see you next Time [Music]

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