GUESS the CAT BREED by Their EYES ๐Ÿฑ How Many Can You Get Right? โœ…โŒ Test/Quiz

๐Ÿˆ If you consider yourself a cat expert and you love trivia and riddle games, this video is for you. Today’s AnimalWised video asks you to GUESS the CAT BREED by the EYES alone. We show you pictures of cat eyes and you need to guess the corresponding breed. Let us know how many you get right!


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[Music] The increasing popularity of various cat Breeds means we're becoming more Familiar with them but do you think You're enough of an expert to guess the Cat breed from only their eyes take our Animal wise quiz to find out [Music] Breed number one Let's take a look at the first photo pay Attention to the details to see if you Can guess the breed from the eyes what Cat do you think it is a British Shorthair B Turkish Angora C Cornish Rex [Music] The correct answer is B they are a Turkish Angora cat these are one of the Breeds most prone genetically to Developing heterochromia which is why It's common to see them with different Colored eyes Read number two pay attention to the Color of this cat's eyes to help guess Their breed what breed of cat do you Think it is you have three options a Exotic Shorthair B Max C American Bobtail Foreign Answer is a you will likely have Recognized the Exotic short-haired by The Curious shape of their eyes and Flattened snout If you want to know other breeds of Flat-nosed cats check out the video we

Share on the card above [Music] Number three How many do you have right so far let's See how you do on the next one a Siamese B Persian c Maine [Music] The correct answer is again a the Siamese cat is characterized by their Blue eyes and the color Point pattern on Their fur which means their extremities Are darker in color than the rest of Their body Breed number Going for the fourth photo take a Careful look at the details to see if You recognize this breed of cat a Nebulung b chartreuse C Russian Blue [Music] The correct answer is C this is a Russian blue cat although their hair Color is similar to the other two their Eyes are quite unique Breed number five Pay close attention to see if you can Get this one you have these three Options which one is correct a Siberian B Burmese C Egyptian Mao [Music] Foreign The correct answer is B the Burmese cat Stands out for their normally golden or Yellow colored eyes Breed number six let's try the sixth cat

If you haven't got any right yet there's Still time what cat is the one in the Photo A Singapore B Chantilly Tiffany C Bombay [Music] The correct answer is C the Bombay cat Stands out for the color of their jet Black coat along with their deep copper Eyes unlike the long-haired Chantilly Tiffany the Bombay is short-haired Breed number seven really think about This next one to get it right what breed Of cat do you think is in the photo a Tortoiseshell B Bengal C Egyptian Mao [Music] The correct answer is a this is a Tortoiseshell cat Tortoiseshell cats are Known for having three shades of color In their fur they are not actually a Distinct cat breed but a type of coat Pattern which can be seen on various Breeds commonly beautiful mixed breed Cats that deserve a loving home just the Same as any purebred feline on the card Above we link a video which explains Five advantages of adopting a mixed Breed cat breed number eight okay last Chance here's our final photo What cats you think it is we'll give you A few more seconds to guess a sphinx B Elf C Bambino [Music] The correct answer is B this is an elf Cat it was possibly the hardest to

Recognize since they are all related Breeds of hairless cat how many breeds Did you get right anyone get all eight On the first go let us know by sharing In the comments and we'll see you next Time Foreign

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