GUESS the DOG BREED by Their BARK πŸΆπŸ”Š How Many Do You Know?

πŸ• Do you think you are a dog expert? Do you like quizzes and guessing games? In this AnimalWised video, we are going to put you to the test: you have to guess the breed of dog by their bark alone. We are going to let you listen to some dogs barking and you will have to guess what breed they are. You are ready? Listen carefully to pass this dog breed barking quiz!

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Do you think you’re an expert on dogs at Animalwised we want to put you to the Test we’re going to let you listen to Some dogs barking and you’ll have to Guess the breed by bark alone Let’s get started Bark number one let’s go for the first Bark pay attention to see if you guess What breed of dog it belongs to What dog do you think it is we’ll give You a few more seconds to guess A german shepherd b Dashand c pug The correct answer is b it’s a dashand Also known as a sausage dog Bark number two Pay attention and guess which dog these Barks belong to What breed of dog do you think it is you Have three options a golden retriever b Chihuahua c french bulldog the correct Answer is c the french bulldog has a Very peculiar bark partly because they Are a brachycephalic dog let’s keep Going All right Bark number three did you get the last One right Let’s see how you do with this one Do you already know what breed of dog it Is A labrador retriever b Beagle c saint bernard the correct Answer is again c the size of the saint

Bernard makes for a seriously loud bark No no no no No No no no Pay close attention to this one Which of these three dog breeds do you Think the barking belongs to a poodle b English bulldog c siberian husky the Correct answer is a did you get it right Bark number five Let’s go for the fifth bark things are Getting a little tricky here You have three options which one is Correct A boxer b cocker spaniel c pomeranian The correct answer is c since Pomeranians are so small they have a Very high pitched bark Mark number six Are you keeping score if you still need To get one right there’s still time What dog barks like this [Applause] Do you know what breed of dog it is A alaskan malamute B pit bull c chihuahua The correct answer is b Pit bulls have a pretty imposing bark Don’t you think [Applause] Bark number seven give your full Attention to see if you get this one Right [Music]

Which dog do you think is barking a English cocker spaniel b cavalier king Charles spaniel C basset hound The correct answer was b That one was tricky [Music] Mark number eight okay ready for the Last one let’s see if you can end on a Hi What breed of dog do you think the Barking belongs to a pug B beagle c dalmatian The correct answer is a the very Idiosyncratic pug Tell us how many breeds did you get Right we know that it wasn’t easy Especially because dogs have their own Voices even regardless of breed just Like people Share your score in the comments and see How everyone did We’ll see you next time [Music] You

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