GUINEA PIG SOUNDS and Their MEANINGS ๐Ÿน What Your Cavy Trying to Tell You

๐Ÿน There is a wide range of sounds a guinea pig can emit, each with their own meaning. Our video on guinea pig sounds and their meanings helps you to better understand and communicate with your cavy. We do so by showing what you cavy is trying to tell you.


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Guinea pigs are capable of emitting a Wide variety of sounds each with their Own meaning in terms of communication Animal y shares the most common guinea Pig sounds and what they mean [Music] Flight weeking one of the most common Guinea pig sounds is a series of High-pitched squeals or screeches which Are emitted repetitively and at high Volume known as weaking guinea pigs use These signs to get the attention of Another individual whether another cavey Or a human Guardian The term weak is almost onomatopoeic you May hear these squeals when you approach Their Hutch and they hear you coming or You have been reconciled after some time Apart it can show they want to play they Want attention or even that they are Hungry when weekend is very high lied or Prolonged it may mean they are stressed Agitated or potentially in pain weak Tweaking when the weakened signs are of Less intensity and come across in a more Subdued manner it means they feel safe It particularly happens when in groups As it’s believed they use it with their Guinea pig family to convey peace and Well-being It is also common for guinea pigs to Produce this sound when they leave their Hutch and want to explore a new space or Walk freely growl with body vibration

Cavies emit a kind of growl which is Sometimes accompanied by a slight body Vibration it indicates the guinea pig is Scared or uncomfortable if their body Language and behavior imply they are Calm and comfortable with their Environment it’s possible the guinea pig Will emit an occasional growl which is Shorter of less intensity and nothing to Worry about grinding teeth If your guinea pig starts grinding their Teeth by rapidly moving their lower jaw It’s clear they are angry about Something normally cavies make the sound When they are at home with another Guinea pig they don’t know or with whom They do not have a good relationship They can also do it if their Guardian Does something that bothers them if the Threat continues the guinea pig will Likely start hissing and even start Burying their teeth Chirping this can be a very confusing Guinea pig sound to Guardians as it is Surprisingly similar to the chirping of A bird although it’s believed this sign May be related to the arrival of heat in Females and therefore to the search for A mate it is still not very clear what They are trying to convey and can happen In males or females Rumble strutting This is a cavi sound similar to a drum Roll this particular noise is serious And deep when the guinea pig admits it

Their whole body vibrates as if they Were rumbling in this case the rodent is Indicating their reproductive Availability using it to inform the Individuals in their environment that They are ready to find a mate and Procreate if you love these animals and Want to continue learning about them our First info video is on fun facts about Guinea pigs chatting this sound is very Subtle and is not usually heard very Often it is reminiscent of the noise a Faucet makes when the water drips the Chatting indicates the animal is relaxed Happy and comfortable they trust their Guardian and feel safe in their Environment for this reason it’s one of The most positive signs a guinea pig can Admit in the next video above we explain How to know if your guinea pig loves you Finally you must bear in mind that some Signs such as coughs sneezes heavy Breathing or moons will only appear in Specific situations they usually Indicate some pathology or pain if you Hear these or other strange sounds it’s Essential you go to a Veterinary Center Where they can attend to the rodent Assess their state of health and Prescribe the appropriate treatment Depending on the cause If you want to continue learning about Guinea pigs and other small mammals Don’t miss the playlist We Share here

Leave a comment with your cavi’s Favorite song to make and we’ll see you Next time [Music]

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