HAIR SHEDDING in CATS 🐱🐾 (Caring for Cats During Molting Season)

🐈 Does your cat lose a lot of hair? Don’t worry, this is a normal process. In this AnimalWised video, we explain everything you need to know about shedding in cats. Find out what shedding is in cats, during which seasons cats lose the most hair and what care they need to prevent hairballs from forming in their stomach.


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[Music] Some people may be worried or confused About the amount of hair their cat loses So animal wise brings you everything you Need to know about cat hair shedding [Music] What is shedding and cats Shedding is part of the process of coat Renewal in cats when a feline sheds Their fur their old coat is discarded to Make way for the new hair which is Developing from their follicles this is A normal and necessary process In many cases a cat not shedding Indicates a problem but shedding Excessively can also indicate an issue Which requires treatment especially if Bald patches appear [Music] When do cats shed While cats will shed some hair Throughout the year there are two Seasons when it is most pronounced these Are periods in the spring and autumn In spring the molt is much more intense And accounts for up to half the total Fur they shed during the year This is because they change from a Thicker type of hair used to keep warm In the cold winter to a finer summer Coat which is better to withstand the Heat the opposite happens in the autumn When the fine hairs are shed to be Replaced by the thicker hairs needed for

Their winter coat the first shedding Occurs between five and eight months of Age from this point on the kitten begins To change their hair and continues to do So until they reach maximum growth and Development Risks of shedding in cats In principle a healthy cat should not Encounter problems when they shed a Problem can arise after shedding due to Grooming Cats spend much of their day grooming Themselves but will need to do it a lot To get rid of their dead hair Potentially swallowing some which enters Their digestive system After passing through the stomach hair Can accumulate in the intestine and form Hairballs these can partially or totally Obstruct intestinal transit Find out more about hair balls and cats In the first info video we share for This reason it’s more important we Maintain regular care for our cat’s coat During shedding season this care should Be carried out even more frequently and Will consist of the following Brushing During the year they should be brushed Regularly with a brush suitable for Their coat type a minimum of twice a Week for short-haired cats and double This for long-haired cats During their mold it should be done at

Least every two days in short-haired Cats and every day in long-haired cats In addition to promoting blood Circulation that will make their hair Come out stronger and healthier this Will remove dead hairs and prevent the Cat from ingesting them Bathing Bathing a cat is an effective way to at Least loosen dead hairs which can later Be removed by brushing Ideally we should get the cat used to Bathing from a young age so that it’s Not stressful or traumatic when an adult If your cat becomes very scared when They encounter water it’s best not to Bathe them until you can find a way to Ensure this process won’t be a stressful One and relate to it as a positive Experience you can see how to do this With the next info video above Malt paste giving this product at least Once or twice a day during their malt Can help prevent hair balls from forming If they don’t like the paste much you Can put a little on one of their front Legs or on their nose as this will make Them lick the area to clean themselves And ingest it Catnip there are cats that find this Herb very attractive and ingest it to Purge themselves if this is the case With your cat you can try putting it on During their shed and improve their

Intestinal transit by regurgitating Accumulated hair that can form a Hairball after knowing all the details Of shedding in cats if you consider your Cat’s hair loss is not normal it’s best To go to the vet to have them examined If you want to continue learning about Caring for cats don’t miss the playlist We share here let us know any shedding Stories about your cat by leaving a Comment and we’ll see you next time [Music]

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