HAMSTER DIET AND FEEDING 🐹πŸ₯œ What do hamsters eat?

🐹 Have you just adopted a hamster and wonder how to should feed them correctly? In this video about hamster feeding, we explain what hamsters eat and what foods you should include in their diet. We also explain how to choose a good feed for your hamster and how much they should eat per day.


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Neglecting any aspect of a hamster’s Care can cause them serious harm and Little is more fundamental than diet to Ensure their health and well-being Animalwise explains what you need to Feed a hamster [Music] Hamster diet Hamsters are omnivorous animals so their Diet must include protein as well as Fruits and vegetables In the wild they would get this protein From insects frogs and even small Lizards we need to place their food in a Hygienic place away from where they go To the bathroom we need to provide small Amounts and remove leftovers after our Time it’s also important to know that Hamsters are hoarders they take food Away to their nest to save for later Since they are nocturnal animals they Will sleep most of the day but they will Wake up several times throughout to eat We should observe the animal to see when They get up to eat and ensure we have Food ready Any fruit or vegetables we offer should Be washed and dried as well as provided At room temperature not straight from The refrigerator They must have fresh water readily Available at all times so it needs Change daily We can find many different types of

Commercial feed available this should be Hamster specific and of good quality Otherwise their health may suffer we can Also provide treats such as hamsters Cereal bars mineral blocks cuttlefish Bones or specially bought hamster snacks We can also find snacks which hang from The bars of their cage which help with Environmental enrichment We should not provide anything which is Sticky as they can adhere to their teeth And cause dental problems In the corner we share another video Which provides info on basic hamster Care Balanced diet for a hamster When it comes to knowing what to feed a Hamster we need to know what constitutes A balanced diet Approximately half of their daily diet Should be hamster feed the necessary Protein amount is 16 percent if the feed Doesn’t cover it then we must offer Products such as fresh cheese or chicken Meat 45 percent of their diet should be given Over to raw vegetables with fruit making Up the last five percent How to choose quality hamster feed To choose the right hamster feed we must Look at the seed and cereals it contains Generally an excess of either indicates The feed is of low quality if we don’t Want to over feed them we must offer a

Mixture of raw seeds grains and nuts in Addition it is necessary to limit fruit With too high caloric contents to avoid Obesity problems especially in russian Hamsters for the same reason we should Not overdo it with fats we must also be Careful with citrus fruits as they can Be too acidic How much does a hamster eat a day In terms of food amounts for hamsters These small animals tend to eat the Right amount of food for themselves so We cannot say all need a given amount The important thing is to offer moderate Amounts to avoid wasting too much food Likewise we must pay attention to the Time of day the individual hamster Prefers to eat Discover other curiosities about Hamsters in the video we share above [Music] Food suitable for hamsters Now that you know what hamsters eat we Explain what foods are suitable for Hamsters so you can expand their diet These animals can eat fruits such as Apple and seedless grapes mango and Melon they can also eat vegetables such As carrots chard corn on the cob endive Lettuce peas and zucchini Also other foods you can include on Their menu are cooked chicken or turkey Low-fat cheese and yogurt bread toast Dog biscuits cooked brown rice cooked

Pasta pumpkin or sesame seeds and Lentils If you want to continue learning about Hamster care check out the playlist we Share here If you have any other tips you’d like to Share about a hamster’s diet leave us a Comment and we’ll see you next time [Music]

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