๐ŸŠ๐Ÿ• There are fruits and vegetables that we should not give our dog under any circumstances, as they can seriously affect their health. In this AnimalWised video we bring you a complete list of prohibited fruits and vegetables for dogs. Pay attention and take note of these harmful foods for your dog, so you will make sure you do not put their health at risk.


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Food Dogs Can’t Eat – Toxic and Forbidden Food ๐Ÿ‘‰

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Although some fruit and vegetables can Provide nutrition there are some which Can seriously affect a dog’s health in This animal-wise video we bring you a Complete list of prohibited fruits and Vegetables for dogs let’s see what they Are [Music] Avocado avocado is the most toxic fruit We can give our dog they contain a Fungicidal toxin known as person which Is concentrated in the seed and skin but Is also found in the flesh avocado also Has a high amount of vegetable fat and Toxins for dogs if our dog spontaneously Eats an avocado they can vomit have Stomach pain and even pancreatitis if Regular or excessive intake of this Fruit occurs it can lead to pulmonary Deficiencies or even affect their heart Citrus although many people claim citrus Fruit has high toxicity for dogs they Are not especially harmful still they Are not suitable for your dog their high Sugar content contributes to obesity and Excessive consumption of this fruit can Cause gastrointestinal problems such as Vomiting stomach pain and diarrhea Although not overly serious these health Problems are not beneficial to your dog Avoid giving them citrus fruit and offer Foods that they will enjoy much better Find out which are the best fruits for Dogs in the info video above vegetables

Onions garlic leeks and chives are toxic Vegetables for your dog offering them These vegetables daily or excessively in One dose can cause serious problems due To the trisulfate they contain this can Destroy red blood cells and creates a High risk of anemia Grapes another harmful and toxic fruit For your dog are grapes they contain a Component that makes them intolerable For their body as they cause damage to The liver and kidneys As a consequence of eating a large Amount of grapes our pet can suffer Kidney failure Potato raw potatoes leaves and stems are High in suleinine something that is not Only toxic to dogs but also to humans For it to become a product suitable for Consumption we can boil it and doing so Means we are able to offer it to our dog Although it is not something they need We should note that other tubers such as Raw sweet potato should not be offered Either Pits and seeds it’s important to Highlight how dangerous seeds and pits Of fruits such as peaches apples Apricots cherries or plums can be for Dogs as they are high in cyanide Remember that you can give them the Flesh of the fruit but always separate The seeds or pit The dog can benefit from the fiber as

Long as it is in a healthy amount if you Want to continue learning about feeding Your dog check out the playlist we share Here Tell us did you know these fruits and Vegetables were harmful to dogs let us Know in the comments and we’ll see you Next time

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