Home Remedies for KILLING FLEAS on Kittens 🐜🐱 | Do They Work?

If your baby cat has this parasite, you may want to know home remedies for killing fleas on kittens. However, many people make claims which can’t be readily substantiated. AnimalWised looks at these home remedies for killing fleas on kittens to see which might work best.


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Despite the wide availability of Repellents and other treatments for Their elimination fleas are a common Parasite in cats some people turn to Home remedies to treat this problem but Do they work for kittens animal wise Finds out [Music] In with warm water and soap generally Kittens should only be bathed after Their first vaccinations but eliminating Fleas is an exception to this rule Bathing with warm water and a Kitten-friendly soup is a good way of Killing fleas don’t submerge the kitten But wet them with plenty of warm water And avoid the face if they have fleas in The face and head area you can wipe this With a kitten friendly wet wipe you use The kitten specific shampoo and a flea Comb to ensure you have gotten rid of All the fleas repeat any part of the Process if necessary once bed rinse them And place them somewhere warm with new Bedding and remove and wash any old Bedding discover a general guide to Kitten care with the video we share Above Vaseline Vaseline is said to immobilize Fleas for easier removal but it is not Very effective especially as you’ll have To cover your cat and then bathe them Anyway to remove the excess Vaseline Moreover it’s not good for the kitten to

Ingest petroleum jelly Alcohol alcohol is a strong compound Which can kill fleas on submersion but Is difficult to do if applied to a Kitten’s coat the alcohol we use will Need to be very strong and it is toxic For cats not only can the kitten ingest It through grooming but it can be Absorbed by the skin and burn them it Should be avoided as the potential harm Outweighs the benefit Apple cider vinegar apple cider vinegar Doesn’t kill fleas but it is true they Won’t like the smell unfortunately Neither will your kitten a diluted spray Would not be much of a repellent and High concentrations are both toxic if The kitten were to ingest it and Generally unpleasant for their senses Flea trap fleas like many insects are Attracted to light you can take a Shallow dish fill it with hot soapy Water and place it under a bright light The fleas will jump towards the light And drying this won’t work for the Kitten themselves but it can help remove Some from the environment If you like animal wise remember that With a super thanks you can help us grow The channel Salt water some claim putting salt or Spraying salt Solution on the grind will Kill fleas but this is not very Effective indoors it is also not helpful

To the kitten as putting salt on their Skin can cause hypernatremia if they Ingest it when grooming Essential oils some essential oils are Good for repelling insects but they are Also unpleasant for the cat’s delicate Nose moreover many are very toxic to the Cat if ingested so they would not work Well on a kitten’s coat Chamomile chamomile infusions are used As a Panacea for many home remedies but There’s little to no evidence of an Infusion eliminating cat fleas and some Evidence to Sugar can cause digestive Problems and strong enough Concentrations Flea comb this is a practical tool to Find fleas and remove some of their eggs And larvae it should be used to check Sensitive areas such as the head and Belly after bathing to ensure the fleas Are gone Check out this playlist for more cat Health videos bathing kittens with the Appropriate products and removing them From the environment is the best way to Eliminate fleas from cats at home but Your vet will provide the best advice They will also let you know when it’s Time to start their deworming schedule To avoid future infestations we’ll see You next time [Music] Foreign

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