How CLIMATE CHANGE Affects ANIMALS ⚠️ Causes and Solutions

How does CLIMATE CHANGE affect ANIMALS? 🌎 This is a question that more and more people are asking, especially when we see the devastating effects of droughts, floods, pollution and rising temperatures. Although some of our information relies on predictions, there is enough data to show how devastating the effects of climate change have already become, especially when it comes to animal life and the continued death of entire species πŸ’” This is a serious problem for humans and animals alike, putting the very existence of future generations into extreme jeopardy. The effects of climate change will be serious and many of them irreversible. In this new AnimalWised video, we shoul you ’How CLIMATE CHANGE Affects ANIMALS ⚠️ Causes and Solutions’. Solutions need to occur on a large scale, but there are things the individual can do to avoid future catastrophe 🐧

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[Music] Today we bring you a specially prepared Video to help support the journalistic Initiative covering climate knowing this Collaboration seeks to offer greater Coverage to the environmental crisis we Currently face since we focus on animals Here at animal waste we explain how Climate change is affecting certain Animals and provides some measures you Can implement to help enact change human Development grows at an unsustainable Rate in the last century carbon Emissions use of natural resources and Environmental pollution has skyrocketed The result is extreme drought melting of The ice caps torrential rains and Flooding all this causes significant Reductions in available fresh water and A dramatic loss of the planets Biodiversity for the Earth’s flora and Fauna this translates to potentially 150 Species extinctions everyday many Animals are much more sensitive than People to changes in humidity or Temperature meaning more and more Species are struggling to adapt to a Changing planet one of the largest bat Species for example are unable to adapt To high temperatures leading to more Than 100,000 bats dying in a single Australian heatwave in 2014 many animals Are forced to change their lifestyle Affecting activity patterns migration

Habits feeding or even their habitat Itself some white storks and spin are no Longer migrating south as increasingly Mild winters in the Iberian Peninsula Caused them to stay Geese and Canada and monarch butterflies In the Americas are facing similar Circumstances global ice melt and the Consequent rise in sea level causes Birds to have fewer stopovers essential For resting feeding and recovering Energy in turn dried reduces areas of Amphibian displacement as they cannot Withstand long periods without water in Both cases the mortality of individuals Increases as they need to travel greater Distances to carry out their habitual Behavior and vital functions such as Reproduction deforestation for both Farming and housing as well as Transportation of people and goods via Cars airplanes ships and trains for Example all influenced climate change And pollute the planet this is causing More and more area to become Inhospitable to life and creating Disease climate change has been Increasing for years majorly due to Those who profit from the Earth’s Exploitation reversing this process Takes time and requires effort from all Populations hike on the individual help Here are five easy and effective Measures modify your eating habits a

Single kilogram of beef equates to more Than 15,000 liters of water increased Carbon emissions soil degradation and Deforestation of wild habitats reducing Its consumption and increasing the Intake of fruit and vegetables will not Only improve the environmental situation But also the health and quality of life Of the individual Increase proximity in trade as we stated Earlier transportation causes serious Co2 emissions and other pollution So finding locally produced and organic Products which do not require much Transport is important Avoid constantly buying online Especially for international deliveries [Music] Avoid single-use plastics every year More than 500 billion plastic bottles Are produced and 8 million tonnes of Plastic is dumped in the world’s oceans Let’s end this trend choose reusable Bags cups and set of classic bottles and Use Tupperware instead of buying Packaged food every day consider your Purchases Did you know polyester clothing is Essentially plastic or that most Cosmetics have an immense impact on River and ocean pollution we must be Responsible in our consumption and when We do make purchases we choose those With respect the environment follow the

3r rule by following the 3 R’s of Ecology reduce reuse recycle we can help Save our planet for future generations Of all people and animals how do you Like to help fight climate change leave Us your comments and share your ideas And experiences we’ll see you next time [Music] You [Music]

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